Apr 23, 2007

Israelis Shoot Irish Nobel Peace Lauerate

Israeli troops shoot woman

Israel continues to be the Number one Terrorist country in the world.

Israeli forces have killed 8 Palestinian civilians in the past two days, one a 17 year old girl. As long as Israel continues it's blitzkrieg tactics, there will never be peace. Palestinians will commit suicide trying to kill Israelis just to get revenge. Life is cheap in Palestine. Israel makes sure Palestinians know just how cheap.

The violence will never stop until Americans stop arming, aiding, and abetting Israeli terrorism. Until Israel is punished/rebuked by the international community, more people in the middle east will die: Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, and anyone else who happens to get caught in a hail of Israeli bullets or in the shrapnel from a suicide bombers vest.

The situation in Gaza grows more and more desperate by the week. It has only grown desperately worse in the six months since this article was published:
"We are Dead People" Israel has failed to keep agreements negotiated a year and a half ago by the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. So, not only do they have the support of the United States, Israel believes it can retain that support while mocking the U.S. government!

A missle whipping into a civilian area and killing bystanders is no less cowardly than suicide bombings on buses. Israeli soldiers executing palestinians for being in the wrong place at the wrong time has been condoned for too long.

It is far past the time for sanctions against Israel for their mindless murders and constant escalation of violence. It will not happen with these warmongering false christians in the White House. It's time for people of real morality and humanity to take back our country from these soul-less monsters who turn a blind eye to murder in Palestine.


Ziem said...

I agree. This "free pass" needs to end and end now.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

watch it you jew bashing heathen! donchu know those are the chosen people and they can kill whoever they fucking well please?

Ziem said...

All leaders should be held accountable and subject to the same hanging Saddam got. I am, of course, hoping bush and cheney get theirs first..... ;o)