Apr 3, 2007

I'm Your Huckleberry

It is time to face this joke of a President down on his bullshit.

It is time to snuff out the flames of madness, incompetence and the false sense of "perseverence" that drives Bush's war in Iraq. It is time to stand up for your country, Congressmen and women- both Republican and Democrat- to fight and defeat the Neoconservative Radical Agenda and put the folly of their policies six feet under forever.

We know now*, without a shadow of a doubt that this war was a mistake that has cost the U.S. dearly in lives and funds.

We know now* that our invasion of Iraq has created a terrorist recruitment explosion effect.

We know now* that the only ones who have profitted from this horrible situation is a triumvirate of corporate interests: the Military Industrial complex, Big Oil and Halliburton/Bechtel.

We know now* that 50-85 soldiers are dying each month and there are NO gains, that the situation is actually growing worse- even with the surge, as attacks are reaching into the Green zone.

We know now* that ignoring the Geneva Conventions, implementing torture, and punishing an entire nation for the acts of terrorists from another country was a terrible distortion of the freedom and democracy that America represented to the world.

We know now* that our nation's greatest ideals have been tarnished by the actions of the fearful and paranoid. Our leaders have shamed us all by setting aside the rule of law and spitting on the constitution.

(now* is just referring to those who finally see past this administrations lies. Some of us have been able to pierce the veil of their deception from the beginning.)

It's time to meet this insufferable tinhorn tyrant on his own ground, using his own methods. High noon.

Bring your lies on, Mr. President. The time is drawing nigh for you to face the music for thousands of dead Americans, a bankrupt nation, and a rapidly self-destructing bubble economy.

Your credit's shot. No more refinancing bets that don't pay off.


Hill said...

Right on!
BTW, just LOVE your "Huckleberry" association.
I am your Huckleberry. Priceless.

Yoli said...

I couldn't of said it better myself! I would change one thing though, a joke typically makes you laugh and all this TRIGGER HAPPY BASTARD does is piss me off. He has alot of nerve accusing Dems of "being more interested in fighting political battles in Washington rather than providing our troops what they need" What our "Troops NEED" is to come home and QUIT being sacrificed for HIS EGO!!! ITMFA

busker said...

I'm Your Huckleberry

Why, Doc Fade, I do declare G.W.B. looks like somebody just walked over his grave.

Ace-high post.

Pam said...

**standing up applauding madly**

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

All of his grandstanding is a poor political ploy. People are seeing through the obfuscation. I personally cannot wait for April 17th when they fry that pepperbelly Gonzales on the griddle of truth.

A good strong wind should finally knock down the house of bush/saud's cards. Oh wait. Katrina did that for us already.

Curtis Greene said...

it's a good break from the President. I wish more GOP supporters and congressmen would realize this.

Ziem said...

Awesome! I love the way you write, one can just feel the passion.

This child/arrogant/stuborn/self-serving administration has cost us more than our future generations can afford. We are not safe by the actions of jackass, we are less safe. We are in a debt that's going to take years beyond my lifetime to escape from. This idiot and his playmates are the single most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to this country.
May he and his cronies rot in hell.