Apr 18, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

Ice Station Tango

You know, I've been asked how I determine my blogroll. It's a small mix of big bloggers and independents, group sites and individuals.

My blogroll is basically places that I go, each week, a lot of them every single day if I can. Sometimes I will link something cool and not put it on my blogroll, because- hell- I don't have enough time to visit all these sites each week- so these are my friends' sites and my favorite places, my own personal Must-visit-sites.

Station Agent is one of the coolest bloggers out there- so here's a link- check it out. And what the hell, I will add it to the blogroll. (Better late than Never, Station agent!) The Station Agent is also a member of the Unruly Mob, one of my favorite sites for blogging that is as intelligent as it is Passionate, which, uh, I don't claim to be ;) .

So check em both out. No more time left today- Enjoy your hump day!


Curtis Greene said...

I do not use the N word at all... Because I'm not an N or a "Negro", which almost sounds just as bad

SadButTrue said...

Station agent rocks. I don't know how he manages to put up so many outstanding posts. I suspect his job allows him quite a bit of freedom to do research on company time. I don't care, he puts that time to good use in the causes of truth and freedom. That's what we're all about at Les Enrag├ęs.org

Station Agent said...

Thank you so much. Apologies for not commenting here sooner, posting at work keeps me so busy :)