Apr 5, 2007

Pure Evil or Pure Rhetoric?


Yet Bush used a horrific tale in Iraq — one in which terrorists put children in a car to get through a checkpoint, then exploded the vehicle — to describe why he won’t pull back.

“It makes me realize the nature of the enemy we face, which hardens my resolve to protect the American people,” Bush said. “People who do that are not — it’s not a civil war, it is pure evil. And I believe we have an obligation to protect ourselves from that evil.”

And a whole group of U.S. soldiers that rapes a 14 year old girl and shoots her 5 year old sister in the face, along with the rest of her family? What is that? Justified? I don't think so.

Some Shia cleric is using that story of evil to claim that the U.S. is pure evil, to fire up Iraqis to fight America.

Rhetoric is only rhetoric, used by manipulators to make others want to die for them, while the leaders sit in safety. The only thing "pure" or absolute is these men's ability to say ANYTHING to push their agendas.

War = Evil. That's about as pure as it gets. There's no "pure evil" enemy out there, folks. There is no good guy vs. bad guy. There are two different cultures, two different peoples, in a warzone. Atrocities are being committed on all sides.

The Difference IS: That it is THEIR Country. We are the invaders. We are killing THEIR Kids in THEIR homeland. For oil. For Power. For a handful of greedy corporatists.

Those of you who STILL support this war and this President- Do you REALLY want the sons and daughters of America laying down their lives so that Halliburton can make billions and move their headquarters to the Middle East?

Iraqis didn't start this war. They had nothing to do with 9-11. President Bush started this war. Every drop of blood is on his hands and on his head, and eventually stains what may exist of his tiny, black soul.

Every ounce of support given to the Occupation of Iraq only helps War Profiteers. Every day we remain in that country hurts us as a nation and a people. To hell with timetables. Get us out of there NOW. Let them have their desert nation back. It was never our place to attempt to steal it from them.


Frederick said...

Another clear cut case of our evil isn't as evil as that of the evil doers over there...or something?!

Fade said...

Ah, the elusive one.. Whats up with Mccs? You renovating again?

Frederick said...

Was. Bah.

Ziem said...

Excellent post!

He keeps using catch phrases to scare the general public. The Iraqi's are not evil. They didn't wish us any harm before the invasion. This is just another lie upon another lie to pad the bank accounts of shrubco and its mates.

Fade said...

Fred, not enough time in the day, eh? I liked the whole Teevee station-down effect. What the hell do you call that thang anyhow? I should have hypersnapped it when I could. It's hard to find images by googling "color television channel off thingymajig"

Yoli said...

I believe we have a right to protect ourselves from EVIL too, which is exactly why we NEED to get rid of SHRUB&Co. ASAP! He is a danger to not only the American Public but to the International Community as well with his "my way or the highway attitude". You cannot go around threatening war everytime someone doesn't do what you think they should do, or just because they have something you desire. This "Administration" if you can call it that needs to be taken out of office ASAP, before they manage to bring the war to American soil AGAIN!!! We DON'T need a repeat of 9/11.