Apr 20, 2007

It's Insert-the-blank Friday!

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You know what that sound means...

Oh hell, it's Friday I'll just do whatever I want, much like every other day...

Today in the world of Science
(from Blue Herald)

Today in the world of Country Music Video Support the Troops Whoring
(from Jesus General)

Today in News that Shouldn't be News
(from MSNBC's Home page (of course))

Today in News that ACTUALLY is News
(from Think Progress)

Today in the Air Force wing of the Army News
Also from Blue Herald, All the news that I can abuse...

Today in Die Seal Hunters,Die! News
(from the Independent)

Today in Religious Prophecy
(from The Greatest Congregation on the Net, Landover Baptist. Check out the homepage too...)

Today behind the doors of the PNAC
(from Red Meat)

Today in Love, American Style
(from Red Meat,too)

Today in Fast Food Reality
(From the West Virginia Surf Report)

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