Mar 4, 2008

Random Shiite

Be an Ornery Bastard
Enhance your verbal repartee - I imagine this site will keep me busy for a long time...

Wallstreetfighter-humor-links-tuesday.html Traders are evil people, with evil senses of humor

LMFAO= Airing your personal life online - I promise I'll never dump you on my website, really, I won't...
Blue Herald's News Roundup

Moses on Hallucinogens -explains-so-much...
Good News - Evil Stifler's Mom radio show gets the ax
Bad News - Rape in the Military

and finally, Video Brilliance. I've got to download a video editor and start mashing shit up, because you know, I'm just not fucking off enough...

1 comment:

Bustednuckles said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out!
How come you didn't let me know I was on yer Blogroll?Shit, I'm always into puttin' the word out for somebody!
I'll put you on mine right now.