Mar 20, 2008


Maybe it's being on so many Republican's mass mail lists that allows me to keep the whole Hillary/Obama stuff in perspective... Unity. Get some.

Hillary or Obama would both be fine as President. And if they realize just how much they will owe to the American voter (who will elect the next President on Change and Ending the War) they will make strides to truly serve the American people. Especially if they desire that all-important second term in the White House.

Hillary or Obama is much better than McCain. Continuing to snipe irrationally at both of them for playing politics is a self-defeating endeavor. Slow your role, don't be chumps. Try not to act like a bunch of spastic chicken littles when your candidate of choice looks like they might lose. It's not the end of the world. Obama will not make slaves of all the white people. Hillary will not begin her Presidency by announcing WWIII. Don't fall prey to the Dan Abrams sniping at the Democratic candidates. Focus on the real problems and concentrate on asking YOUR candidate how they plan to address these issues. Don't fall prey to mindless bickering about Obama and Clinton- Rush Limbaugh is popping a viagra and beating off furiously with that big fat fucking smug grin on his dopey face over this shit. Let's not give him the satisfaction, okay?

But, as far as perspective goes- that's ALL Rush has to be happy over- the Dem on Dem violence. Seriously, the right wing is losing it's damn mind right now over its loss of prominence, respect, and power. 75% of the population realize that Republicans are simply full of shit hypocrites. The right wing has been burnt by their leaders. And they finally know it. Even the bushbots who forward all the misogynistic Hillary jokes and the racist Obama jokes are starting to taper off into nothingness. My in-box used to be full of that simple shit. Still the Republicans cling to the desperate notion that as bad as it has been that it would have been worse with a Democrat.

I don't know how.

They've got a President who couldn't protect them from terrorism, couldn't (or didn't want to) catch Osama Bin Ladin, lied them into war, completely screwed the pooch on Hurricane Katrina, who tripled their gas prices, who shot inflation into the sky, helped destroy what little healthcare they had, went on a radical government spending spree that makes me want to bring back Reagan and his $300 hammers and $500 toilet seats, sold out the EPA for corporate interests, helped expand NAFTA and outsource american jobs to other countries, cut benefits to our troops while pretending to support them, and has wiped his feet with our constitution with a system of government cronies that make Nixon's little helpers look like a phalanx of angels. They can't even whine about Global warming any more. Now all they can say about it is a weak splutter and some mumbling about "still haven't proved it's caused by man". Who the hell cares? Now that you admit it's there, dipshit- let's do something about it, mkay?

A Democrat couldn't have fucked up as bad and as consistently as Dubya, it's impossible. He's staying the course of sticking his head right up his ass . And no one, especially not the American people will tell him how, why or when to pull it out. He's the decider.

To put another Republican in office after the ALL THIS is pure retardation. The only thing worse than Der Shrubenfuhrer would be to continue this madness under McInsain. And even the Republican leadership understands this. They've got a candidate that they basically dislike. He's an idiot and a flip flopper. He has lost the christian coalition wingnuts And he STILL doesn't seem to know the difference between a Shia and Sunni. Not that it matters to the Republican voters in general, they don't know either. McCain doesn't even have a decent running mate who isn't hated just as much as he is. He'll basically have to bring up a second stringer who is an unknown. Face it, the Republicans are fucked.

They are so fucked, that the one Repub email I did receive this morning was a fricking Bob Hope clip. That's it?! Holy smoke, not even John Wayne or maybe a fake story about a soldier who beat up a hippie or shot an ay-rab for jesus? I got a clip of Bob Hope calling Democrats zombies....


How weak is that? It was entitled "Greatest Movie Line Ever." which shows the Republican talent for blowing miniscule bs completely out of proportion. This is all they can do right now, take their 80 year old asses and look for Bob Hope clips..? Fricking pathetic. Republicans don't believe in Evolution, they think the world is 6,000 years old. They are old dusty racist dinosaurs. They, in short, are the past. Every day another hundred or so of these old dumb bastards die off and America is that much better for it.

Bob Hope clips are the last gasp of the Republican party. It's really all they ever had, soundbite bluster, jingoistic flag-waving, and manly chest thumping bout War, dammit!

It's time to put this segment of uneducated hypocrites to bed for awhile. That means showing a little more tolerance. This means YOU SusanUnPc. This means YOU John Aravosis. This means everyone who has went off the deep end attacking our own side. Ranting about Republicans whose actions have hurt all Americans is fine. Ranting about how bad a Democrat - ANY Democrat at all- would be in the White House is just bullshit.


Comrade Kevin said...

"Our Federal Union," "it must be preserved." said Andrew Jackson.

"Next to our liberty, most dear" said John C. Calhoun.

Both southern statesmen. Both glaring at each other when they made a toast.

Both in the same party but on opposite sides of a Civil War.

If you admit that you were wrong, then I'll admit that we're right.

Frederick said...

I simply can not abide by another Clinton presidency.

Fade said...


I would gladly return to the Bill Clinton years and relive such a "bleak" time ;) over 8 years of Bush.

Anonymoustache said...

Taking Fade's lead:
frederick: Clinton presidency---(in my best Inigo Montoya accent) You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

For the record, I support Obama, but would vote for Clinton in a heartbeat over McCain.

Fade said...

Anonymoustache: now, that's what I'm talkin bout...

Targa said...

I received that Bob Hope video last week in my email.
I chuckled. It was funny... but then I read this post today, and you managed to put that video (sent by a neocon acquaintance) in a different light.
It's gone from funny to pathetic and funnier... because as you imply, that's all they got.... nothing.

I feel better now.

betmo said...

my hero :)

having said that- i will not vote for hillary clinton. period. she is a joe lieberman 'democrat' and i don't trust her as far as i can throw her. or chucles shumer. they are both my home state senators and apparently care more about gaining power than actually doing something decent for not just american- but the world. and no- i wouldn't rather have mccain- but my vote won't count here in new york anyway. i am a kucinich supporter but have had to back obama. do i know how good a president he will be? nope- but re-read fade's post. i guess i don't care.

Suzi Riot said...

Great post. I feel the same.

Fade said...

If all we do is beat the Republicans... well, that's good enough (for the moment).

Fade said...

Jesus... worn out from fighting back and forth with both sides of the most vehement. One thing they have in common: They come totally unhinged when discussing the other candidate- down to a level of hatred that I would hope is reserved for the Polticians who are responsible for a Hundred thousand deaths in Iraq. Six months ago I was ragging on Obama for being too religious and Hillary for being too close to a Lieberman Democrat. Now I find myself willing to fight for either of them - if my efforts can just calm down the unhinged fuckers that have suddenly decided that either Hillary or Obama is the enemy.

They aren't. Elevate the discourse. For the sake of the Presidency, PLEASE.

Fade said...

Comrade Kevin- But one of them was most obviously WRONG. The liberty Calhoun wanted was only for his "kind". And both of them were kind of psychotic dicks. But Jackson was Right. NOT Calhoun.

Dr. Zaius said...

I agree with your post. Democrats have to stop critisizing other Democrats for the Republican's horrors.

Mauigirl said...

Great post, I've been saying much the same; even though I support Obama, I will happily vote for either him or Clinton over McCain. I plan to do a post showing the differences between McCain's positions on the issues vs. either Democrat to prove why.