Mar 13, 2008

Long term Goals

Just some thoughts on the current Primary situation-

I talked at length with one of my closest friends last night. Now, Greg is as Republican as I am liberal. I don't mean he is conservative, because his thoughts just don't run that deep. He's a good friend, but the guys a straight-up freeper and proud dittohead. Politics means more to him than policies. He is convinced that Liberals are the devil, he reads Coulter, and couldn't create an original thought if an attack on Iran depended on it. He's mainly just a computer geek and scion to a small fortune, so he's never really had to think much, anyway.

He chuckled as we discussed politics. "Don't you get what Rush is doing?" he asked.

"Well, yes," I replied, "he's playing the dems against each other to weaken Obama. But doesn't he realize that if Hillary gets the nomination, he might be facing his worst enemy?"

"Oh please!" I was told. "Obama is the threat, not Hillary. She's just doing our work for us right now and pissing off the undecideds at all Democrats."

"McCain?" I laughed- I know what the true Repubs think about McCain. "But he doesn't have a chance in hell against either of them!" I insisted.

"Sure, that's what you said about Bush in '04."

"But what do you Really think about McCain?"

"Oh" -long pause -"he sucks, but it doesn't matter. Every single Republican out there will vote for McCain, regardless, no matter what we say now. The "Terror" and the "liberal threat" talking point is going to get real big. You guys can't do anything in Congress that involves the war or terror, can you?"

But looking around, the divide and conquer strategy is working. The momentum is slowing, and the focus is being shattered. Meanwhile, supposedly Coulter is gearing up to release a
movie about Hillary in spite of her loud claims of supporting Hillary over McCain.

Coulter (and Rush and the rest)would never give an ounce of support to Hillary if they believed it would actually result in her becoming President. When they recently threw their support behind Hillary in the primaries and in the media, it was just to keep the Dem race going closely.

As Greg brags, they are gaming America again. And, some progressives are helping them. The 2008 election isn’t the be all, end all for Hillary. In fact, it is my belief, that by standing down now and throwing her full support towards Obama and whoever he chooses as VP- it will yield PRICELESS results as far as 2012. Face it- in 2012 there will be MORE dems in Congress, and there will be a lot less of a burden to deal with as President.

Let Obama have ‘08. Bow out gracefully, and without expecting to be appointed as VP. Let Progressives come together to fight against our true enemy, as one, without any more of this divisive race. My candidate, Edwards, didn’t get there, and I’m sad, because I think he would have been the strongest candidate. But I’m not that worked up over it- there will be more chances for our candidates to have the presidency. Right now, Obama has the momentum, and for better or for worse- the high ground.

Let’s join, fight and Hillary can have her day in years to come, when the anti-Hillary fervor has abated a bit more. As someone mired in a red-state, I can tell you, Anti-Hillary bias is still at a fever pitch and will make the 08 race closer than it needs to be.

That's my long-er term plan. The bitch of it is, whoever ends up in the white house in 2008 has a HUGE row to hoe. I simply hope that whoever it is can end the farce of an occupation in Iraq and remove the radicalism of the Bush agenda from U.S. policy once and for all.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Thanks for the linky love.

Great post.

Liberality said...

In many ways I think you are right about this and I understand completely. However, I have heard a lot of women (all republicans, I too live in a red state) who are really, really anti-Obama but not so anti-Hillary. In fact, they feel sympathetic towards her and the sexism she faces from the media and society in general. They have been there and can relate to it. But on the other hand, I like that a lot of younger people are energized by Obama and are seriously getting political too so I just don't know what to think. I don't really care who wins the primary, I really don't like either of them. Hillary is too corporate and Obama talks the progressive talk but I don't see him walking that progressive walk. Someone who is pro-Obama should do a post showing me why I should get all excited about Obama because right now I just don't get it and I would like to be all fired up for him too.

Randal Graves said...

I think whomever gets in won't, obviously, be able to clean up all the messes of the last eight years, and if it's a Dem, won't get one nanosecond of the benefit of the doubt from the media, so we're back to a lunatic-in-uniter's clothing Republican in 2012.

Fade said...

Thanks for the buzzkill, Randal

betmo said...

they are going to pull a switcheroo for romney anyway- i can see a romney/lieberman ticket. mccain- not so much. but we'll see. the bit problem- the hillary zealots who are just as bad as the freepers. in fact, many of them are disenfranchised freepers- but don't get me started. i am a dennis k. supporter all the way- and only endorse obama because he's a black man- no wait that was ferraro's line- because he's the better option.

Suzi Riot said...

Republicans are better at this game than the Democrats are. Mostly because they command a greater level of party loyalty. It's called propaganda.

Anonymoustache said...

I'm still hoping for an Obama/Edwards ticket.
Obama is extremely smart. He has handled this whole thing with so much intelligence and grace that I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he can walk the walk. Plus, he had the brains to realize that the nation is thirsting for a positive message, to communicate that vision to his campaign, and the balls to largely stick to that positive note despite some trying times, esp with Hillary.
Repubs are better at this game because their followers are close-minded and more easily led. "We the sheeple"

pissed off patricia said...

One thing I am pretty sure of is if Hillary somehow by hook or crook gets the nomination, the young people and the African Americans who are so into this race will fade away and will not go to vote in Nov. We need them and they need Obama to give them hope for a better future.

JakeGint said...

Obama's cooked.


Fade said...

jake hehe