Mar 4, 2008

The Weakness of Republicans

Haven't had a good rant in a bit... But leave it to clueless assholes knocking on Obama's wife for her honesty to piss me off...

They are referring to this New Yorker quote about Michelle Obama:

Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents. “We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day,” she said, as heads bobbed in the pews. “Folks are just jammed up, and it’s gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I’m young. Forty-four!”

A sampling of the brainiac right wing commentary:

this emotionally childish woman wants to be The First Lady??

You mean the woman who claimed in her thesis four years of exposure to a predominately White, Ivy League University has instilled within her conservative values?

Not our America, Michelle. Our America doesn't live in 1.6 million $ homes, and go to cocktail parties in fancy Northside penthouses. Our America isn't mean, cynical, guided by fear, or slothful.

Our America doesn't believe that wearing a flag pin on our lapel is a cheap, maudlin trick.

My response:

You people are in far right field, pretending that there aren't some major problems in this country. Maybe like the family killed today in Tennesse, kids shot and murdered in their home, an honor student whose mom is serving in Iraq who got killed in a drive by shooting, the young woman who died because the insurance company kept denying her claim, only to FINALLY accept it, 12 hours before she died - after months of wrangling to prevent her transplant.

What's worse? For Warren Buffet and Michelle Obama to actually speak out about normal people like me who are barely getting by - or for them To IGNORE IT? You people are really full of it. She's rich. And you people are pissed off that she's NOT burying her head in the sand like the Bushes, the Romneys and the McCains.

Conservative values? You fuckwits wouldn't know a conservative value if it bit you in the ass. You are Rush Limbaugh dittoheads, with the inability to think past what you are told by these scumbags. And as for your stupid hypocritics wearing flag pins- George Bush will wear one AS he strips benefits from the troops and pays Blackwater millions. Mark Foley will wear one while he hits on underage boys. Larry Craig will wear one while he blows random men in bathrooms and Dick Cheney will wear one while he takes a shit on the constitution.

The Republican party is in tatters because of moronic people like you. Enjoy what you are sowing, cause I guarantee you, you won't enjoy what you reap.


I could take apart several more of this nuts' posts- the oppressed Israelis, forced to kill 112 people in Gaza, mainly unarmed, because they still haven't figured out that force won't solve anything. Or crying about Melanie Morgan losing her job because the entire nation is tired of the stupid whiny lies of bushbots while our troops die in Iraq. But frankly, I've had all I can handle of dumbfucks with their heads in the sand for one evening.

And speaking of Master Rants- By way of Alternate Brain , I ran into Physioprof knocking one out of the damn park.

He reminds us that RIGHT NOW is a really good time to start reminding Americans that almost every single ideal that makes America great were and are Liberal ideals.

What is A Liberal?

Liberal Values are American Values

Jesus is a Liberal

A liberal is conservative with a conscience. There is nothing conservative about George Bush ripping our constitution apart, spying on our every move, failing to stop 9-11, selling millions worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia AND Israel, financing a private army while cutting money to our troops, robbing the treasury blind while trying to give Iraq's oil to Exxon to sell back to the American people at robbery rates, ignoring the criminal actions of his cronies, and bringing the Spanish Inquisition into the 21st century!

We've gotta stop being so nice to these Republican fuckheads. They aren't Conservative to our Liberal. Not at all. They are merely piss-stained pupppets who do anything the long arm of their Fascist masters tell them to do. Reaching across the aisle is fine, but we WERE and ARE right, and those who have followed Bush have been wrong about everything. We can afford to chastise fools when their ignorance has been laid bare for all to see. And if they get up in your face, Fuck em. Kick a Fascist's ass for Jesus. Or whatever. They really are a big bunch of loudmouth pussies who will fold after one punch. Its time to STOP being their punching bag and lay them out once and for all.

More on Felons wearing Flag pins


droudy said...

Well said.

I've been wanting a Dem with some fangs for a long time. We need a liberal to tear Repug ass, not give more of this kumbaya shit.

Liberality said...

excellent links to some kick ass posts! it's about time we stop trying to be like the republicans, who are wrong on just about everyfuckingthing, and stand up for liberal values!!!

Comrade Kevin said...

I have stood up for a long time, now I just need everyone else to stop sitting down.

betmo said...

i have been saying for a long time- if politicians simply were honest and told the truth- they would get voted for. that's why they were afraid of dennis k. the obamas were not my first choice but they already had my vote- for all of the good it did at this point. the hillary trolls are as bad as the right when it comes to smearing and whatnot- oh right.

lokywoky said...

There is a story about John St. McCain’s treatment of the Navajo people in Arizona. The UN Commission on Human Rights actually investigated this mess and said he (John McCain) was primarily responsible for the human rights abuses against the Navajo people.

I wish some of the big bloggers would pay attention to this story - seems McCain and cronies have a blackout in the MSM on this. Everyone in the world knows about it except us here in the US. McCain is running for President. And this is how he treats people when they are in the way of his “friends” the big coal company Peabody Coal?

Go see for yourself. The site contains video of conditions - including children with birth defects from having to live in a radioactive toxic waste dump where McCain and his cronies put them - at taxpayer expense. There are also links to the UN reports on this site too.

Forced relocation, use of scarce water resources to “float” coal in a flume 200 miles away. Half a billion of taxpayer funds to take away land without due process. Confiscation of the Navajo sheep herds. Poisoning of the water both animals and people now have to drink since the wells are dry. Living in a radioactive dump/spill site. People’s houses are falling down from the mine blasting - yet they are forbidden to build new ones. Beaten, mysterious accidental deaths, threats. Birth defects at double the rate of the rest of the population. Sacred sites and burial grounds destroyed. Peabody has no EPA permits for the coal flume. No environmental impact reports for the mining operation. Forged signatures on documents giving away the peoples civil rights. And their land. It’s all there. My brain is not creative enough to make all this crap up.

If you care at all, go to and help out any way you can.

Fade said...

lokywoky- being an injun myself, I'll be happy to look into that issue.. And you are right, I've never heard anything about it before...

Thanks for the tip