Mar 26, 2008


Good Mammal News of the Day

From the Duh Dept -
Sex Ed reduces teen pregnancy, Abstinence does not

What kind of parents let their kid get breast surgery? Death by plastic surgery Anyone who opts for plastic surgery just to make them more attractive is a FOOL. Hell, I'm ugly, it's not that bad, really.

Another Top Notch Arizona Republican speaks: Sen.Kyl blames Democrats, minorities, the poor, and the young for the Sub prime mess. What next? Brittney Spears was behind the Bear Stearns Bailout?

Cheney on 4,000 Dead Americans : They Volunteered.

More on what they volunteered for... Prisoners of War


What kept him going was the end that was in sight. He just had to hang on till his contract was up, and then he could go home, go back to school, and finally be a 20-year-old kid. Then days before he was scheduled to get out, his unit was locked down, stop-lossed as part of the surge. He was looking at another 18-month deployment.


I find it so painfully ironic that as other excuses for the war have been proven false, (weapons of mass destruction, U.N. sanctions, ties to Al-Queda, etc.) the administration has fallen back on the most unbelievable of all: freedom. While George Bush insists that Iraqis accept freedom, American style, one out of every 100 of our own citizens are in prison. Almost twice as many as the runner-up, China. Iraq is 62 on the list, though it is unclear whether that includes those being held by Americans. In this country, there are 2,258,983 in prison. That figure does not include the 723,000 locked up in local jails. Or the 60,000 stop-lossed soldiers.

Pentagon studies have shown that each deployment leaves a soldier 60 percent more likely to suffer serious mental health problems. In support of that, as this president sends soldiers back into combat as many as five times in as many years, the U.S. Army Medical Command Suicide Prevention Action Plan acknowledges that suicides among active-duty soldiers in 2007 were up 20 percent from 2006, their highest level since the Army began keeping such records in 1980. And the number of suicide attempts has increased sixfold since the Iraq war began. There were several in the I-30 Infantry Battalion, and Goldsmith holds his sergeant major responsible. Like Goldsmith, these young soldiers are being told not only that they are prisoners, but that they are disposable. They are our children, and their deaths are on the hands of those who hold their freedom hostage.

Dept of Republican Security - Nuclear Fuses sent to Asia on Accident

"The Defense Department mistakenly shipped secret nuclear missile fuses to Taiwan more than 18 months ago and did not learn that the items were missing until late last week, Pentagon officials acknowledged yesterday, deepening concerns about the security of the U.S. nuclear arsenal."

Ligers ...

And Glenn Greenwald brings us Iraqis thoughts on American Intervention- that you seldom see on American media : Operation: Pay Attention


betmo said...

fade- fyi- i think the teen was having surgery to repair her breasts. from what i understand- one breast had an inverted areola and there was a significant size disparity. they were misaligned. i don't believe in cosmetic surgery for cosmetic reasons either- especially in young people. what steams me these days- kids as young as 12 getting their stomachs stapled. i almost stroke out.

Fade said...

Disparate size, inverted aureola? I think she just thought she wasn't perfect and desperately wanted to be. It's a sick mentality that pervades these young women's minds. I may seem like a harsh bastard, but I would have told my daughters to deal with it. Unless you look like the guy from Mask, I think surgery should be limited to medical emergencies.

JACQ said...

Awesome blog, Fade. Although I have you blogrolled, I need to visit more often. I'm slacking.

On the mention of the plastic surgery issue, my opinion is that if young girls were taught the fundamentals of self-esteem and self-worth at an early age, they wouldn't give in to the beauty standards written in invisible ink that says thinner is better, larger breasts are better, wearing designer clothes is better, etc. It's the norm for girls to want to be like one another and seek acceptance, but the issue starts with self-worth. Most girls and young women seek acceptance in the worst way and go after it any way they can get it.

I'm with you on telling the daughter to deal with it. Accept your flaws, poke humor at them even, because one day you will find a partner who accepts them or doesn't see them as a flaw at all. But unfortunately, building anything is a process. Self-esteem is the biggest.

Fade said...

Jacq= I agree wholeheartedly with you. I hope I do my job as a parent to build the self esteem my girls need and teach them enough independence to not run with the herd.

JACQ said...

Very true, Fade. Independence.
And the ability to think for themselves and form their own solid opinions after researching the issues and standing firm to their beliefs. Something like that.