Mar 31, 2008

The Billion dollar Soap Opera

from Moon of Alabama

To sum it up:

  • Maliki is the U.S. supported puppet in Iraq
  • Maliki starts a war on Sadr
  • Sadr stops the offense against him and successfully attacks Maliki's forces and his backers in the Green Zone
  • Maliki sends folks to Iran to have an Iranian "terrorist supporter" mediate a peace deal with Sadr
  • Sadr sets the terms under which he agrees to stop fighting
  • Maliki agrees (somewhat) to Sadr's terms and the truce
  • The U.S. taxpayer pay $12 billion a month to watch this show

Isn't this a bit absurd?

The Full Article is a good read

Last of Iraqis gives you the 6 days of the Sadr Surge from an Iraqi perspective

And of course, Juan Cole always has more information on the situation

UPDATE: Newshoggers: Basra and Beyond


Elmo said...

And I hate soap operas anyway...

old hack said...

You Traitor! The surge is working! We can WIN!

Swinebread said...

hmmmm I wasn't palyed that way in the "news"

pissed off patricia said...

I agree with you, Juan Cole is the person who knows what is truly going on.

So if this thing is settled, can our soldiers come home? Can our money come home too?

Fade said...

Unless the American people FORCE these lying bastards in the Republican Administration to Bring them home, they WILL be there for the next 100 years.

And some dumbass Americans will STILL be buying the lies...

Run every pro-war Republican OR Democrat out of washington on a rail.

old hack said...

Hey FADE go to sf deli website and vote me as the coolest band in san francisco.

post a comment in crooks and liars comments for me too will ya cuz they banned me again. (cuz they're a bunch of partisan cowards)

Fade said...

You have been voted for, Ya madman! And you are currently in the lead... What did you do to get banned THIS time... lmao

Fade said...

Gravel is backing Obama and dropping out of the Race, Old Hack, Read it and weep (for joy)

As always, I respect your respect for Gravel's worthy choices as a politician. I assume you will be joining the Obama camp...

:)~ hehe