Mar 5, 2008

Obama and Clinton and Republicans, oh my

I am endorsing Barack Obama.

I still don't feel that there is much difference betweeen the two as far as what their actions will be as future President of the United States. But, that said, several of the actions of Hillary Clinton have struck a wrong chord with me, and I feel will lead to a loss in votes for the Democratic candidate in the election, whoever it is.

And keep in mind, I'm not addressing anything her campaign has done, or what her supporters have said, etc. I base my opinion solely on the actions of the candidates.

Action 1: Hillary didn't vote on FISA.
Action 2: Hillary dragging down the discourse. Every time I look up, she seems to be running on negativity. We need to maintain the high ground, Dem to Dem. Hell, we've EARNED it. Positive will win over negative with the undecideds, not mudslinging.
Action 3: Hillary framing the Republican candidate as a better choice than her Democratic rival.

So, admittedly, no huge differences between the two of them.

The repubs don’t have much to talk about. They don’t have anything to talk about when they hate their front runner. But they are talking a lot right now. And it's all aimed at keeping the Obama/Clinton primary bs going as long as they can.

Neither Clinton nor Obama may be exactly what some of us wanted, but either way- Believe it- THEY AREN’T NUTS LIKE ANY REPUBLICAN. M’kay? So, let’s stop saying we won’t vote for the winner of the primary if it isn’t our favorite right now. And the media? The media just knows people are glued to their tvs when its Obama vs. Clinton. When it's just McCain up there, it will be back to crickets chirping and the Dems building a landslide. Stay focused, and let’s try to keep people from getting off track.

My person of choice was Edwards, or Richardson or Kuc or Gravel. Last on my list were Obama and Clinton. But I’ll be damned if I DON’T vote for either of them versus 4 more years of fascist mindfuckery ala McCain. To hell with that noise. And Nader? He's a Fred Thompson candidate. He'll take the money from his Republican donors, and jetset around, saying whatever he feels like and milking it for all it's worth. Nader is a worthless bottomfeeder who sponges off the process.

I didn’t get the candidate that I wanted, so I will have to trust in the will of my fellow Democrats to choose between Obama/Clinton and go with whoever it is. The alternative is more Rove, More Limbaugh, More Coulter, More Bush.

We need to come together behind whichever candidate it is, for the greater good of the country. The Republican party is done, if we can just stand together.


Targa said...

I have to say that Edwards was my choice, too. I really think he is/was the best candidate for the job.
So I was faced with a daunting task in choosing one candidate to support.
All personal piccadillos (sp?) aside, I chose a candidate that I think has a better chance of defeating McCain.
That candidate is the wife of the greatest president ever. :)
No matter if Obama or Hillary ultimately get the nomination, I will vote the Democratic ticket regardless of my current candidate of choice.

Damn, did that make sense?

Fade said...

Made sense to me... :)

Swinebread said...

Hey! you took my thoughts!

old hack said...

Obama's not actually running. He's just getting lots of phony street cred so then he'll get a lot of respect in the senate and get unfettered access to all those pork barrel projects and ear marks.

Hillary and McCain.

this country is screwed.

All Gravel needs is 200 supporters in every state to get his name on the ballot.

old hack said...

oh and the Gravel interview got bumped up to 2 pm pst. so I think that'll be 4 your time.

Fade said...

won't miss it for the world, OH, ya freak,you...

Randal Graves said...

The Republican party, like every b-movie Dracula ever filmed, is never done, it just lays low in the slimy crypt for a while.

Fade said...

Hell, Randal, I'll take every bit of relief I can get.

droudy said...

Great post, Fade.

A house divided cannot stand. I want to know when everyone will finally agree to disagree and focus on the real fight to come.

One Fly said...

Like you Fade none of mine made the cut. The people were never in the picture to determine that. These two behaving like repugs will come back on whoever wins with a vengence. One thing people need to understand is that the Dem candidate will not invade another country on lies. May not be much but it's something anyway.

Outta the Cornfield is happy to add you to the blogroll.

Comrade Kevin said...

I am trying desperately to temper my outrage at Hillary Clinton enough to be that rational.

That being said, if Obama doesn't run as an independent, should it get to that point, the Communist Party's looking rather attractive this November.

I might be throwing my vote away, but neither am I emasculating my conscience in the process.

betmo said...

i guess i don't understand why some folks have to fight within the same party. i have yet to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

As an economic conservative, I can tell you I hate all three candidates. They're really not very different from each other IMO.

McCain is a temperamental troll and I remeber his disreputable behavior in previous campaigns.

Hillary is way to socialist and will wreck the rocky economy with her policies.

Obama hasn't really taken a stand for much. It's all vauge feel good drivel.

It's going to be like voting for Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Dee....