Mar 3, 2008

Greeted with Flowers and Kisses in Iraq

Hat tip- Moon of Alabama

Ahmadinejad visits Iraq

This persian gets a warm welcome from Talibani , the Kurds, and Maliki.

The whole situation is mindboggling. It's that bad. I knew that Iran had made inroads with certain Shiite clerics and some of the more powerful personalities in the chaos that is Iraq, but this fawning welcome of Ahmadinejad, the representative of their age-old blood enemy, is astounding.

Maliki- hailing Iran's contribution to Iraqi security. The Kurds- begging for someone to protect them from the Turks, since the U.S. is ignoring Turkey's attacks in the north. Shiites pressing for favors and protection in the future. We've taken out Saddam, who was basically our agent in the greater scheme of things. This benefited the hard-liner fundamentalist muslims. This benefited Al-Qaeda. We can all see that now. And now, it has led Iran through the open door of Iraq and to the front steps of its heart.

The only dissenting voice was that of the Sunnis, of course.

from Iran Focus
“Those who imagined that by removing Saddam they would create a power base in the region today see that, through the blessing of the Islamic revolution, Iraq has been transformed into a strong bastion in defence of the Islamic revolution”, Ahmadinejad said.

Juan Cole on the visit

Iran's diplomacy trumps America's shock and awe.

Ahmadinejad, asked about the purpose of his visit:

"There is nothing out of the ordinary when brothers meet, you know how deep our ties are," he said quickly, adding in Arabic: "You can see it with your own eyes now."

This is what Bush traded 5,000 American lives and 3 Trillion dollars for. Saddam Hussein for Iran. Does that Iranian oil bourse seem even a little more significant now?

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UPDATE 3: Robert Scheer writes about the American media blackout on Ahmadinejad's visit


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John McCain has the best plan for us to "win" in Iraq. Quarter back sneak. no really's called
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his plan basically to kill anyone who still lives in Iraq and once they're all dead add a star to our flag and rename Iraq "McCainaldsburghia-villington."

you should read my post on McCain titled "G.I. John McCain" and on the McCain versus Hillary ticket, "two sides of the same coin" . I didn't hold any punches

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