Mar 2, 2008

All good days

Dear Self-

What have you done today?

Today, I have taken care of my family. I have loved them all, each one, and I have let them know it. I have hugged the ones I could, and called the ones I couldn't. I have done a good deed for a couple of people who didn't deserve it, but who need all the love they can get.

Today, I slept late and woke to a breakfast I didn't expect. I worked out when I didn't want to, I washed a truck that was not mine, I have built a fence, I have put up wallpaper borders, I have sanded and painted a skateboard with an 8 year old girl. I have let go of something that needed to be let go of, for a long long time. I have loved, and I have lived, and I have learned.

And most important of all- Today I have been loved.

It has been a good day. All days can be this good, if I can just remember to LET them be.

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