Oct 19, 2007

Right Wing Lies

Batocchio of Vagabond Scholar and Blue Herald has a in-depth breakdown of the smear job done on an American family by the right wing. Posts like this illustrate why progressive bloggers surpass all other forms of news media. You just cannot find a journalist in any form of traditional media or even on internet news sites who is willing to do the work that Batocchio does here. (and on top of that- linking ALL of it -so that you can see the facts for yourself).

Batocchio's fine journalism reveals just how the right wing smear machine works. While they are spewing their venom and lies at American children, soldiers, progressives, and politicians who are trying to get our troops out of an unnecessary war, progressive bloggers are responding with facts, figures, and sanity.

The whole mess about SCHIP is insane- They are taking away healthcare for working American families because-- why? again? Because a few adults (in some states, not Texas) may actually get a little coverage too. Well, we can't have that! Take away those kids healthcare! We can't waste any money on those damn kids! Not while we are
spending $2 Billion a week in Iraq!

See how utterly ridiculous the Republican party is? See how blatantly obvious their lies are?

More about SCHIP from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

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Batocchio said...

Thanks for the shout-out, but really all I did was compile links for this one (in part for use for a later post). The much better work is the original research and writing of the folks I linked. I agree that it is rather sad that folks like Howard Kurtz won't read through those original posts, however - or in his case, read and quote them very selectively.