Oct 16, 2007

Won't Back Down

Won't Back Down


"The good news is that Americans are already awake: I thought there would be resistance to or disbelief at this message of gathering darkness — but I am finding crowds of people who don’t need me to tell them to worry; they are already scared, already alert to the danger and entirely prepared to hear what the big picture might look like. To my great relief, Americans are smart and brave and they are unflinching in their readiness to hear the worst and take action. And they love their country."


"This is an open invitation to honorable patriots on the Right and in the center to join this movement to restore the rule of law and confront this horror: this is not conservatism, it is a series of crimes against the nation and against the very essence of America. Join us, we need you. This movement must transcend partisan lines. The power of individual conscience is profound when people start to wake up. TK Comey said No; history will look at this torture and disgrace the torturers. A judge today ruled that the US can’t just ship prisoners out of Guantanamo to be tortured at will — she said No. The Center for Constitutional Rights is about to file a civil lawsuit — against Blackwater: they are saying No.

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No — history would have had an entirely different outcome. If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives.

They will be American tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin."

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Frederick said...

"America, it has been five years. It’s time to make a choice."

mirth said...

Thank you for this, Fade.
I needed it.

angry ballerina said...

Take a fucking pill, will ya?

Frederick said...

I'll take a pill...are we talking red pill or blue pill?

Fade said...

dammit! Fred beat me to it!