Oct 17, 2007

Blog Conversations that make conservatives cringe

Well, I'm about to do it again- make a blogpost out of somethng that was just a comment on on someone else's blog.

I do it all the time. And I think that I do it because this blog, to me- is more of an ongoing conversation with my fellow Americans (among others) than it is a diary about all the things that piss me off in my country today.

I am seeking answers and solutions. This whole blog is about Americans rising above the obstacles that we are facing on a day to day basis. I'm not here to preach, although I often do. I'm not here to tell you what to think. I'm just prodding you to think, period, about these issues.

My blog is a little more emotional than most, and that's just my nature. I never have minced words, and I don't think I'm going to start now. I write exactly like I talk (sans the Texas drawl, although I throw a few ain'ts and ya'lls in there subconsciously at times).

So I'm not here to win blog awards or get blog-famous, I'm just here to speak openly about what is going on in our country and get some input from you as well.

But, I've been so pissed recently at current events that I haven't even wanted to talk about it.

A post by Frederick reminded me that things are getting better (in measurements of inches, if not miles, but still... ) After reading the post, about Rush versus "Phony" Soldiers- I made this comment to Fred, who has been quite an inspiration to me and the House of the Rising Sons:

Fred-your contributions as a soldier, and a blogger, and simply an American with a voice- have been invaluable over the past two years. I, unlike some out there, don’t trust Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to tell me what a real soldier, like yourself, thinks.

Thank you for having the strength, the will, and the perseverence to stand up and be heard, both intelligently and powerfully, via this medium.

I know that in my own blog, just as a regular American, I have had worries in the back of my mind about doing my duty as an American and speaking out, given the attacks on our freedoms from the phony patriots out there.
Your voice has been key to a lot of the non-bloggers out there. For every one of us who blog, there are a hundred who don’t, but frequent the blogs looking for answers to questions that Mainstream media aren’t even asking.

You have helped me, many times, when I thought about stopping, deleting my blog and walking away from an America that frequently appears to not want to give a damn about its own future. And whenever I hear from someone who I have turned around, or had a positive effect on, it keeps me going. This blog “pays it forward” every day, and I try to keep the chain linked and growing.

It’s been a long, hard road watching the psychotic fascists who controlled the media slowly lose their power to an awakening population. And frustrated though I may be, I realize it is getting harder, for one reason, I don’t have to work so hard any longer- People aren’t attacking as vehemently as they used to when common sense is injected into their Fox news IV drip.

The radical loons like Rush and Ann, who owe their fortunes to being consummate liars for big government will NEVER apologize. And that’s fine with me. The future will lose the aura of fear and hate that pervades this moment in the psyche of American consciousness, and these people will be judged as the fools that they ultimately are.

Now, undoubtedly the twelve former Army Captains who are speaking out about leaving Iraq will be vilified by the radical right wing nuts who have never served our country in a military capacity. They will be thrown under the right wing bus (that is getting shorter and shorter) by the dittoheads and self-serving scumbags who don't give a damn how many American soldiers lose their lives in Iraq.

But these men have fulfilled their duty- they have honestly spoken out about Iraq as plainly as they can. This war is hurting our country. Some of our soldiers have known it long before October 2007. And some of them have bravely been speaking out about this danger to our country as well.

Frederick is one of those soldiers. Fred's been dragged over the coals before, on his blog and others, by those who are not soldiers. Back in 2006, the troll cadre of right wing pro-war 9-11/Saddam bushbots even held a mock trial of Fred for treason for daring to attempt to protect his country from those who would trample on the constitution.

He stood firm then, in his convictions, as he stands so now. This is an American soldier we can all be proud of. Thank you for your service to your country, Fred.

If we can all serve our country by talking to each other openly and honestly, the country gets stronger, not weaker. So keep the conversation going.

UPDATE: When will we listen to the troops?


Frederick said...

No, thank you. We do indeed have to keep the conversation going. And we have to take action as well. I'm headed to a "Local cost of the War" meeting tonite....let's all get out there.

mirth said...

Thank you, Fade, for this post and that it sent me to read Fred's moving post.

In a time of grandiose rants, it is the laid-bare emotion of your writings that I most like.

angry ballerina said...

I was gonna write something wicked rude, then I realized that this is quite possibly one of the best posts you may have ever written..

You still suck