Oct 29, 2007

Alternet- Best of the Week

Best of the Week NewsletterOctober 27th, 2007

Is a Presidential Coup Under Way? By Jim Hightower, Hightower Lowdown
The Constitution is being trampled and nothing less than American democracy itself is endangered -- a presidential coup is taking place. Where is Congress? Read more ?

White House Leak: Cheney's Plan for Iran Attack Starts With Israeli Missile Strike By Gregor Peter Schmitz, Cordula Meyer, Der Spiegel
High-ranking military experts say an attack would lead to world economic chaos, or even what Bush calls 'World War III.' Read more ?

11 Things We Can Learn from the Rest of the World Ode
Eleven lessons the West can learn that would improve our lives and create a better future for all humanity. Read more ?

Bush's Response to 9/11 Was Deadlier Than the Attacks Themselves By Chalmers Johnson, Tomdispatch.com
A look at how and why the U.S. gravely failed in its response to 9/11. Read more ?

I'll Have My Cosmetics With a Side of Infertility, Please By Heather Gehlert, AlterNet
Author Stacy Malkan reveals the dangerous truth about everyday products we put in our hair and on our skin. Read more ?

What Women Aren't Told About Childbirth By Manda Aufochs Gillespie, Mariya Strauss, AlterNet
A new survey of mothers reveals some disturbing things about hospital maternity care that may make pregnant women want to take a closer look at their options. Read more ?

Where Does the Right-Wing End and the Media Begin? By Rory O'Connor, AlterNet
Economist Paul Krugman on how the right-wing media machine is destroying social progress. Read more ?

Curveball: The Iraqi Defector the Bush Team Used to Sell the War By Joshua Holland, AlterNet
An interview with the author of a new book on the Iraqi defector code-named "Curveball," whose made-up intelligence on Saddam's WMD programs was central to the Bush Administration's case for invasion. Read more ?

Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide By John Dean, FindLaw.com
The case against expanding surveillance powers for a White House that's already out of control. Read more ?

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old hack said...

Hillary is an agent of the War and Health industry. Shes in on it with them. Shes not for the people. Shes for giving us the same crumbs we always get.

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