Oct 17, 2007

The Good news of the day

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Hat tip to Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque

New Attorney General-designate may not be a presidential flunky..

"Attorney General-designate Michael Mukasey said Wednesday the president doesn't have the authority to use torture techniques against terrorism suspects"

Oral Roberts President (and son of Oral Roberts) is asking for a leave of absense. MSNBC

"Roberts also is accused of using school money for a red Mercedes convertible and a Lexus SUV for his wife, Lindsay.

She, in turn, is accused of dropping tens of thousands of dollars on clothes, awarding nonacademic scholarships to friends of her children and sending scores of text messages on university-issued cell phones to people described in the lawsuit as “underage males.” "

An Oral Roberts professor who is suing Roberts says:
“All over that campus, there are signs up that say, ‘And God said, build me a university, build it on my authority, and build it on the Holy Spirit,”’ Brooker said. “Unfortunately, ownership has shifted.”

Larry Craig Considers Anti-Bathroom Sting Legislation Alternet "The gift that keeps on giving."

Taking on the Israel Lobby gaining more and more traction Alternet

"Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. economic and military assistance, having received more than $154 billion in U.S. aid since its creation in 1948, and it currently receives roughly $3 billion in direct U.S. assistance every year, even though it is now a prosperous country. The United States also consistently gives Israel diplomatic support, and consistently comes to its aid in wartime, as it did during the 2006 war in Lebanon. Most important, U.S. support for Israel is largely unconditional: Israel receives generous American assistance even when it takes actions that the U.S. government believes are wrong, such as building settlements in the Occupied Territories. As former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin once remarked, U.S. backing for Israel is "beyond compare in modern history." " . . .

"Israel is not the strategic asset to the United States that many claim. Israel may have been a strategic asset during the Cold War, but it has become a growing liability now that the Cold War is over. Unconditional support for Israel has reinforced anti-Americanism around the world, helped fuel America's terrorism problem, and strained relations with other key allies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The United States derives some tangible strategic benefits from its close security partnership with Israel, but it pays a high price for them. On balance, it is more of a liability than an asset."

Tell me what you think is the best news of the day-


Busboy said...

Maybe the best news is that House democrats are turning on Nancy Pelosi and won't endorse the Ottoman Turk/Armenian resolution. That might stop another war. If, not, then the democrats have "bought" the Turk invasion of Northern Iraq and the repercussion will be that they are incompetent on foreign policy.

angry ballerina said...
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Fade said...

Angry- That aint good news, unless you have a surgery fetish...

... Damn...

Fade said...

okay, is someone actually blaming PELOSI for the horrible mess in Iraq? Turks, Armenians, Iraq, Iran-= Thats the Republican's Bitch. A big fat ugly murderous bitch. Its a little, no, it ain't a little= its a FUCKING HUMONGOUS STEAMPING PILE OF BULLSHIT to attempt to blame this on the IMPOTENT Democrats who COULD get our troops out of Iraq Immediately- If they gave enough of a shit about not compounding this error.

Fuck Pelosi anyway. Fuck every Democrat who had the support of all of us anti-war people and turned their backs on us and kowtowed to Bush and the Repubs on a real resolution to the Fuckup that is Iraq.

Out of Iraq. Let them fight and die over their OWN country. They can have their goddamned oil and they can raze that billion dollar embassy to the ground when we are gone. Let Blackwater and Halliburton hold that piece of shit country, if they can. But not one more dead U.S. soldier in this Billion dollar sinkhole scam.

And you know what? YES, I will pay $10 dollars a gallon if it saves the lives of our soldiers and gets us off the Oil tit. And every decent American out there should be ready and willing to do the same. Impeach that fuckup Bush and let him stand trial for war crimes. Five Hundred thousand dead at least lay at his feet. The Buck stops with Him. This was his war, that he's had a perpetual hard on for the past five years. And he's FUCKED IT UP ROYALLY.

So please, no "Its all the Democrats fault" at this juncture. PLEASE.

angry ballerina said...

I agree with you Fade, if I could pay 10.00 a gallon to stop this shit I would. The next time you see one of those big ass SUV's key the bitch up.

Fade said...

Anything to keep you happy, sweetness...