Oct 18, 2007

And then there's the bad news...

Turns out Mukasey was just full of shit after all. Another Alberto Gonzales enabler in the office of the Attorney General? God, I hope not.

And, Vice Admiral Scott Redd, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, who told NBC News that the U.S. was not safer as a result of the Iraq War, last week,
suddenly resigns.

Tell the truth in this administration and you can't hold a job. This is your Government on lies. All day, every day, because it believes that YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Or rather, this administration knows that if you knew just how bad it has fucked up everything, from not defending the country from terror ON 9-11, to Iraq, to Katrina, through its illegal wiretapping and its firing of people who won't lie through their teeth for Bush- that you really would impeach this incompetent President in a heartbeat.

This is a government of liars and fools. If men like the DIRECTOR OF COUNTERTERRORISM (maybe an important job, you think?) aren't allowed to tell the truth, just how safe are we?

The truth is, not safe at all. Everytime the President and his men force another important official in a position of PROTECTING THE COUNTRY to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, he is committing a dangerous act that hurts us all.

Is that Treason? Is it dangerous incompetence? Is it simply a powermad glutton trying to greedily consolidate every important organization in America under a horde of sniveling yes-men?

Make up your own mind, but it sure looks like a glaring example of all three to me. Is there a Republican out there, anywhere in existence, that cares MORE about our country than he does his own political party?

Good luck finding one. If you just can't vote for a Democrat, then vote for Ron Paul. A vote for any of the other sad sack group of career criminals that are jockeying for the Republican ticket is a vote for a continuance of the same idiocy that's running our country into the ground.

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Frederick said...

Ron Paul it is.