Jun 14, 2007

The time for mourning is over

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~ Kenzi Miyazawa

The Pain:

Down in the Hollow


Liberally Mirth

(from comments at Liberally Mirth)
I can pretend that its just that I don’t have as much free time as I did - but the truth is that the Democrat failure/surrender affected me really badly- and I just can’t channel my furor in a constructive way.

We won only so they could lose on purpose. The soldiers lives dont matter. The Iraqis lives dont matter. Your neighbors lives dont matter.

This Narcissism and Greed is all the passion that Americans have left. And I’m left sad, a little scared, and so pissed that I have to step back to avoid being drawn into hating them all so bad that I lose my fucking mind.

So can I write about it right now? Can I focus my energies on these scumbags at this moment in time- The Reids, the Pelosis, The Rahm Emannuels and the ultra rich who hold my worn-yet still tangible leash?

Fuck no. I can’t . I feel like that crying indian on his horse. It is such a goddamn horrible waste.

Dang. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for “you people”. There’s a tendency on this blog to revel in depression. You aren’t going to ever get the “political” win you crave. Neither will I. The strange thing is that there can’t be 20% difference between the far left and far right. That puts 60% in the middle.George Bush is history. Better start thinking about tomorrow’s battles instead of worrying about today’s shortcomings of politicians that you perceive to have betrayed you, but who are actually playing chess and hoping for a “win” on some key issues.

The Fuel:

For those of us who have been working damn hard on the blogs, commenting on c&L, talking to our friends and neighbors, writing and calling our politicians, our local and national media, going to rallies and doing everything we could to get the national discourse to change- we did it.

Even the media has changed in the past two years, and for the better. People are getting more involved, becoming more informed. Last year, our politicians didn’t know a Sunni from a Shiite. Why do they now? Because we stayed on their asses. Everytime they told a bald-faced lie - we were there, as a group to expose their lies - and when we did it en masse, it worked- they were held accountable.

Call me crazy, But I firmly believe the reason the Democrats won big in 2006 was because of Internet-efforts that brought Americans like us together to fight the good fight.

We won. And our “team” won in record numbers. And what happened? We got betrayed. The people that we have worked so hard to put in office, that we put our energies, our lifesblood and SO MUCH FUCKING TIME into - used us and put the Most important issues in My lifetime in this country- on the back burner while they jockey for position in baby steps.

I have been alternately infuriated and despondent at this betrayal. But the time for mourning this stab in the back is over. We have gained a lot of ground in the past year. And I am not going to throw it away over incumbent games. There are still representatives in our government that realize there are more important matters than their own precarious political positions.

And truly- the completely political ones SHOULD be the easiest to sway when we wield our influence like a bludgeon. Cast off your sadness at this setback and renew your efforts!
I vowed that I wouldn’t let the scumbag political animals on the right keep running my country into the ground. And I’ll be damned if I let the scumbags on the left do it either!

Keep the pressure up. Stay on top of these bastards. Our country is only lost when we give up.



Hill said...

No wonder you're proud of this one. As usual, and not at all surprising, absolutely superb writing, Fade. You never fail to amaze.

Pam said...

AWESOME call to action Fade!

Time to quit licking our wounds and get on with saving our country!!

You are correct, The politically savvy ones will do what we want or else we will vote them out of office!!

Time to kick some Boo-TAY!!

(we'll need the practice for our all-too-soon to be teenaged daughters anyway ;-))

angry ballerina said...

This post made me smile. Thanks Fade.

Fade said...

Anything to make a friend smile...

mirth said...

Fade: since you cite my post, I'm going to be bold and c&p my response to your comment there:

No slights to anyone. I love all the blogs each of you work so hard at. I have no favorites among you. You each enrich in your own unique way, just as D & I try to do. But Fade, I have to admit that your heart and soul and passion grabs me every time. I have followed your comments here and there for more than two years. On the scrolldown through babble, I always stop to see what you are saying. I’m so pleased that you visit us.
You are right that we bloggers make a difference. America is a dumbed-down country and this has occurred over a long period of time. We are thirsty for accurate information. We want to be involved in how our country operates and to insist that our leaders stay true to the principles of our constitution. Blogs are the Great Awakening and what is most heartening about this is that once awakened, Americans are showing, in spite of what we are told, that we are a liberal country and we are willing to fight to preserve our liberal principles.
Thank you for your awesome comment.
I feel better already!

Heartfelt, Brother.
You've lifted us all.

Peacechick Mary said...

Pam sent me over. Powerful post and well written. I recently had a conversation with a DNC spokesperson and told them much the same things you have said. The DEMS get zero support from me - dollars or labor until they shape up and if they don't, I'm going full out independent after 40 years of Dem loyalty.

Vince said...

What exactly do all of you expect from these politicians?

It's been said that they, The Dems, picked up right where they left off when they lost the majority.

As for me, I believe most politicians should be charged with FRAUD... What they actually promote, once in office, is the outright criminalization of American citizens and capitalistic freedoms. That is my opinion...

No politician has my trust and support. They speak of character, dignity, and integrity; however, when you observe their behavior, the truth is obvious. It's not funny that I know of none that supports the accountability of U.S. Officials.

I'm simply perplexed by what is expected of our politicians. It seems they will never deliver...

Fade said...

"What exactly do all of you expect from these politicians?"

Well, Vince, I feel ya, I really do. But- If we expect less, We get less, we care less and we vote less.

If we expect more, get outraged more, and get involved more- we will GET More as a result.

Apathy and low expectations got us Dubya. I am NOT going to be satisfied with LESS any longer. And that means I have to get off my ass and light fires under theirs. And the more of us that DO IT, the better off we all are as a country, and a Democracy.

betmo said...

that's what i'm talkin' bout!!!!