Jun 28, 2007

Tag, I'm it...

I AM A THOUGHTLESS DICK DISCLAIMER:::: Dude, I am such a dickhead. Mirth, one of my C&L buds from the days before I even began blogging nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award Last Saturday . Weekends are bad times to uh, like inform me of shit. It was late Saturday, I just got internet this weekend. I came in from a long day of barbecueing at a neighbors, checked my blog, found the happy news- went to bed, thinking I'd catch up on Monday and promptly forgot. Damn, on the day I am to acknowledge my Thinking prowess, I have to put "I am a Thoughtless Dick" at the top. I bet Glenn Greenwald never has these problems...

Supergirlest at My Thinking Spot, tagged me for random stuff...

And I'm sitting here thinking of the chaos that is my life and what to put down, when I go over to A Blog By Me for my morning wake-up-and-shut-the-fuck-up java jolt and see she's tagged me for a thinking Blogger award too. So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone here, If I can burn through this in time.

I am going on a road trip tonight, that I don't much want to take. My Gf wants her family to meet my kids, so we are renting an SUV and heading Eleven hours- that way- to go to their annual family barbecue. As soon as I get off work, zip to the house, get my shit together, which typical male that I am, consists of throwing 3 sets of clothes, the bare minimum of bathroom paraphenalia, and two books- (which I am currently reading at this moment, nothing too terribly poetic or deep= The newest Glen Cook military-fantasy-escapism and Colleen McCullough's Fortune's Favorite, which I love McCullough's carefully crafted vision of Rome, but it's hard sometimes to wade through her all-too obvious love affair with Caesar) - and then it's the major chore- piling up stuff that will keep the kids occupied for their longest car ride ever. (JOY!)

So add that on top of my new little Declaration project, which (sigh) hasn't exactly got to a running start. I was SO hoping some of you would do my work for me, but alas... looks like I will have to craft my own Patriotic Fuck you to the Bush administration. But, it's gonna have to wait til I get back.

Anyway- Chaos. Random. I'm good at that...

1. I was the biggest Metal head in high school; one of those ripped jean, black-tshirt uniformed dirtbag looking guys who was invariably drunk or stoned, chasing girls all day and all night - and still managed to be in all honor classes and make "Who's Who". But now- I can barely stand today's brain-dead metal with its Growling-Demon vocals that makes up most of todays' "Hardcore". It's a bad fucking joke. And the lyrics? Don't get me started on todays' shit lyrics of this crap. God, I want to strangle these simple byblow sons of their metal pioneer fathers.

2. Damn that was long. Need shorter Randomness. I hate Larry Kudlow with a greater passion than I hate Dick Cheney. He's just the epitome of everything that is wrong with this world that I have ended smack-dab in - (Investing). Yes, I have partially sold my soul. Will see if I can salvage whats left of it while managing money.

3. My GF is a saint because I am friends with my ex-wife, my ex-fiancee, and about 10 ex gfs that she pretends to like but truly cant stand. Well she may actually like my ex-wife. I am unsure. I would rather get along than fight. I am easygoing that way.

4. I have a "pretend" business that fell through years ago, but I still act like it is still a "side project" to build hot rods, when my ex-business partner and I just basically fucked it off for lack of funds and interest. I still make cool business cards and t-shirts with the business logo and we give them to friends, but my gf thinks (and I'm NOT unsure of this one) that I'm a complete moron for acting like we will EVER get it off the ground. (hey one of these days).

5. I live as honorably as I possibly can. I never refuse a friend that needs a favor that I can possibly do. I am the sucker that always helps you move, even when I have to cancel my own plans to do it. I stand up for my friends, sometimes a little more than they want me too. I have no Tact in real life. Well, damn little. Yes, I have been in no less than three physical fights over George Bush. There's a reason the trolls fear my
shit sludge manliness even over the net toobs.

6. I allow myself 3 sins in life that otherwise go against my personal philosophy:
-1. Alcohol. Yes, I like to drink. I don't drive drunk and I am not a violent drunk. I am a way-too-damn happy drunk when I get to that point. I quit smoking pot years and years ago and it just made me lazy anyway. I don't do drugs at all, because at a very early age I saw them ruin all my friends around me.
-2. Hot rods. Yes they burn gas way too much. Am working on a Electric-powered hot rod (in my side, pretend business, so cut me some slack.
-3. Women. Well, I don't really allow myself this sin anymore, but I can pine for the fjords, can't I?

7. My job is WAY too damn easy. I used to work outside with a shovel in my hands most of the day.

8. I love blogging the way other people love vacations. I have 3 blogs. It's lucky my job is so damn easy, altho recently I finally got Net-toobage at home.

(GASP- and my lunch breaks over). I sit here blogging through my lunch hour 90% of the time.

Now for AB- the finest 22 year old mind of her generation, I am sure. I know WAY too many stupid twenty-somethings, the kind of people holding candlelight vigils over Chris Benoit, but hey- I live in west texas. I consider myself Einstein of the Panhandle, which is kind of like being a second-rate student anywhere else in America.

THINKING BLOGGER AWARD: Trapped with my fellow West Texans, I am forced to think, in order to avoid conversation with these idiotas.

Thank you for Thinking of me, Angry Ballerina (See what a wittah basstid I is!)

Sorry, time is blazing- Short and Sweet. Here are Five way smarter bloggers than me-

Empire Burlesque by Chris Floyd

The Defeatists, and good ole' Commandante Agi

My Ex-Fearless Leader, Fred

The blogger with the heart of gold, NavySwan

And My blogging Mentor (tho he probably doesn't know it) Actor212! The greatest Trollslayer, like, EVER

Busker, of the Now TRULY Engulfed Cathedral Would have been at the top of this list.

(and I Know, I Know!- Arma-get-it-on-kit is late... Working on it.... )

Enjoy your weekend, stay away from your in-laws.


supergirlest said...

rockin! no pun intended. ;) i had a touch of metal head in me as well back in the day, i hear ya.

i also had an inkling that you might be the honorable type...

who is chris benoit?

let's see that side project to fruition! NOW! ok, after you get back from your, uh, adventure. be safe IN YOUR RENTED SUV. et tu, brute??? :)

twasbusker said...

Here are Five way smarter bloggers than me... Busker, of the Now TRULY Engulfed Cathedral Would have been at the top of this list.

Me, smarter than you? Ow, my leg, it is being pulled. You're one of the sharpest tacks in the whole anti-authoritarian roadtrap, in my opinion.

Thanks for putting me in with such good company, though. I've never read Chris Floyd and Actor212 I've only seen in comments (disarmingly witty person, I agree) but as you know, the rest got and get the buskeriffic stamp of approval... for whatever that's worth. (I think if you bring it to your local Hare Krishna branch you can trade it in for a plate of rice and beans)

Good luck with the family meetup, and take your time with the kit... we wouldn't want to rush armageddon any more than it's already been rushed, I reckon...

mirth said...

Nice reading here. Thanks for naming blogs you like.
I also gave you a Thinking Blogger award.

Pam said...

Neat peek into the life of Fade.

Have fun on the trip. Should have rented a minivan, though. They are way safer and get better gas mileage than SUVs. And they are the new cool. Really. ;-)

Fade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fade said...

Mirth - I just realized I found this out at your site last Sat night, at 9:30...

By the time Monday rolled around, I totally forgot. When SG nominated me, I was like- Oh shit, didnt somebody else nominate me for one of these things?

Damn- I'll have to make it up to you!

Damn- I'll have to make it up to you!

Pam- Damn! First AB, and now YOU (it is a Minivan (grumble grumble) Fuck! SUV does sound so much cooler. How can I defeat trolls when I'm rolling in a dodge caravan?)

Fade said...

Okay, i've been Forgiven! I live to piss off again.

Out of Here- Leaving my beloved Texas... Hope I survive. And a little prayer for Kansas folks surviving me and my demonspawn couldn't hurt them.

mirth said...

The point is that you were given the award twice.
And for the record:
I do not like thoughtless dicks
I like you
Thus, you are not a thoughtless dick

What you are is a winner Xs 2.

angry ballerina said...

Way to make the ballerina proud.

Pam said...

Where in Kansas are you going? That's where I live, ya know.

(no I'm not planning to stalk you).

Fade said...

Just returned from the land of Oz (Manhattan Kansas). My back hurts. 23 hours in a Kia - and rain for a 350 mile stretch across Oklahoma and most of Kansas. Kids were actually good. GF wasnt. "In=laws" not bad. Kansas people, as bad as they are supposed to be, are still more liberal than the average West Texan. I survived. yeehaw.
Need hot bath and space... space...

navyswan said...

Thanks for the compliment. I am not sure how deserved it is seeing as I can't seem to put anything on my blog but mindless dribble recently. Btw, you should check out my latest mindless post, you may get a good laugh.