Jun 25, 2007

I'm a baaaaaad boyyyyy....

(uh-hat tip > Fred > The Pime)
Well, goddam hell.
I Can't-Stop-Cursing
(like a Motherfucking Sailor with a doubledose of clap...)
Is there such a thing as typist tourette's?
Maybe there's HELP
Or Maybe I'm just a malicious, foul-mouthed -
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mirth said...

LM got a phat red X...for the words "drugs, abortion, torture and hell."

Fade said...

They flagged me for the word "pain" twice.

Wtf? And they CLAIM I said Shit one more time than I said Fuck! That CAN'T be right!

mirth said...


I thought about displaying our X doodad, but it's too big to fit on the sidebar in a text box and I'm too...well, that's the only way I know how to put something on the sidebar.
Besides, those who visit us already know were all about the X.

mirth said...

Ok, I made a mistake.

LM is only R rated, not X.


Pam said...

I'm NC-17 too. I thought it would be worse. They flagged me for PENIS. Since when is penis a bad word? I had a whole post about pussy vs. balls and there was no flag for that!!

Frederick said...

Shit, what do I gotta do to get above a "g?"

navyswan said...

I got PG. I was flagged for cocaine (3x), torture twice, and death. Why is death considered a bad word?

Fade said...

Swan- wtf? Even The Lion King had death in it!

"Oh those horrible liberal bloggers and their freedom to talk about such unsavory topics! Oooo- I think I'm getting the vapors"

Reality. Not something Americans seem to want a firm grasp on.

Hill said...

Well, hell, now I have to check & see what my place is rated.


Hill said...

OK, Fade, I'm that 17 whatever thingie. Here's the reason.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* hell (11x)
* ass (8x)
* fucking (5x)
* dead (3x)
* sex (2x)
* fucker (1x)


QuestionGirl said...

I got a NC17 or NR 17 whatever it is.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

torture (16x) gun (4x) pain (3x) hurt (2x) kill (1x)

So the words fuck, shit, piss, rat bastard, psychobitch, eat me, and Buck you ignorant slut didn't bother them. Go figure.....

Fade said...

"Buck, you ignorant Slut" oh ho! Qgirl, you crack me up. Poor Buck!

And Hill, Good Lord, I could have told you, your blog is Triple-MFKN-X - you foulmouthed old broad, you!

Fade said...

Hell Ass Fucking Dead Sex Fucker...

Go wash your blog out with Soap, HCG!

I feel dirty.

Why O why do I feel happiest when I feel Dirty?

Damn you AL Gore, Damn you to Hell!

Fade said...

uh please ignore that 12:09am post. Got internet at home now. was up drinking with the neighbors.

angry ballerina said...

dude, too fuckin funny. evidently, "heroin" isnt a "g" rated word.