Jun 22, 2007

Immigration - Blame Corporations

Hat Tip: Alternate Brain

All over America, while regular Americans are bitching about Illegal Immigrants, THIS is happening:

American corporations, assisted by law firms, are actively taking steps to PREVENT hiring of Americans. This isn't Bullshit. The law firms EVEN OFFER SEMINARS that show U.S. Corporations how to do it.

Check out the seminar vid from Youtube, here:

Yes, Americans are being fucked over on a daily basis- but its NOT by illegal aliens. It's by U.S. CORPORATIONS.

Over and fucking over. But go on, keep bitching about the aliens if you will. It's kind of like blaming Columbia for cocaine addiction in the U.S.

Supply and Demand.

If U.S. corporations Weren't ACTIVELY soliciting Illegal labor (with the Assistance of George Bush and his "amnesty") we wouldn't have these problems.

We, the Middle Class of America is being bent over and Fucked by these big business bastards.

At least ask for a fucking kiss, people.


mirth said...

ALL of the issues surrounding illegal immigration are a ruse, a diversion from what is important. The Neos, including the Neo Dems, have tapped into our national prejudice and bigotry. You gotta hand them this one. It's a smart move.

Pam said...

The sheeple just eat up this bullshit, day after day. Responding with greater xenophibia - just like the NeoCon fuckers knew they would. Don't you think they'd be sick of it by now? Is it laziness or stupidity that keeps them from discovering the truth - which is usually just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Speaking of sheeple, whatever happened to that asshat Cavman who used to harass your blog?

Pam said...

I obviously can't type tonight. I do know how to spell xenophobia and caveman - just not type them very well.

Vince said...

More insanity from corporate America. Actually, I spoke to someone that is running in the next Senate race about several concerns I have. He ended up commenting about China, and how America doesn't do stuff like that. Not needless to say, I'm not voting for that fucking idiot!


Fade said...

Pam, I miss my combative widdle caveman- but maybe I just like to argue... He got tired of losing arguments with me.

Frederick said...

Where have all the unions gone. The rest of us need to shut this nation down with a work stoppage until the Corporations are reigned in.

SadButTrue said...

12:39 PM -"I miss my combative widdle caveman"

LOL, Fade. I recall a time when you came over to Les Enrag├ęs.org and took on a troll that had shown up there. He never came back, by the way.

And of course, I love the fact that you recognize that the problem goes way beyond party politics. Anybody waiting around for the Democrats to get America out of this mess is either delusional or just not paying attention. There is only one party, the corporatist part, with two wings, the right wing and the far right wing.

My belief is that nothing short of a second American Revolution will do the trick. The big question is, does the current American peasantry have the spine for it?