Jun 1, 2007

Heroes versus Torturers

"Heroes" and "24" Comparison by the incomparable Juan Cole.


mirth said...

Like I have done with other things in our shallow and sappy pop culture, I have quit watching tv. On a rare occasion I may turn it on, but never to a network station. So I have nothing to offer about either Heros or 24 except to say anything Juan Cole writes enriches my mind.

supergirlest said...

hmmmm.... interesting! i've not seen either show - honestly - i haven't even heard of one of them, but! i can say i'm curious, for certain! great comparison that juan cole offers up!

Fade said...
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Fade said...

Well. I love Heroes. I don't watch tv shows at all except for that. I only use the tv for watching dvds or If I get to squeeze in some xbox time now and again (not much)

I did happen to actually watch the Lost finale, even tho it was the first time I had ever watched it.

I haven't ever seen 24, but everyone I talk to who loves it seem to be my stupidest friends, and they invariably say something about how kickass it is to watch Amerkun Spy Jack bauer kick those turrists' assess... so, I admit I am predisposed towards not watching it. The fact that U.S. Military officials pleaded with the producers of 24 to stop glorifying torture is pretty much all I need to know about this show. Torture don't work- and terrorist plots AREN'T prevented within 24 hours of their being done, they get stopped weeks and months before with good old investigative tactics.
Torture is for Nazis and Fascists- Only. Any moral human being cannot possibly condone it. And any christians that condone it are hypocrites of the highest order. As I saw somewhere commented on the blogs today: Crucifixion IS a Stress Position.

Fade said...

by the way, Just for info purposes- that was my own comment I deleted. I don't usually kill anybody's comments unless its' spam.