Jun 26, 2007

Socialized Healthcare NOW!

Socialized Police and Fire Departments work just fine.

Can you imagine: "Thanks for calling 911, can I have your credit card #?"

Don't let the Republican boogeymen spook you into fearing socialized medicine. There isn't a much more screwed up system of healthcare than we have now. Free Market Capitalism doesn't work, by itself. It's a horrible failure when melded to government, as we have seen in the recent past.

Capitalism only works by exploiting. Healthcare is a system of nurturing that should be at least partially funded by our system of governance. It is too important to trust to greedy profiteers.


Hill said...


Healthcare for ALL! It can be done and done well, too!

Pam said...

The fear-mongers try to link socialized ANYTHING to communism and Stalin. It's just a short step away, ya know.

Meanwhile other countries who are resisting capitalism use America and Bush to show how our system can get out of control and destroy people.

Let's see how well socialism has worked in our country - medicaid and medicare - 3% overhead costs compared to ??? with insurance companies?

Social Security - saved millions of elderly from abject poverty.

Police, fire department, public schools - no expectation of "turning a profit".

News organization BEFORE they were expected to be "profitable" actually TOLD THE TRUTH and didn't obsess on every move that celebrities make.

But we will head for communism if we socialize health care. Ri-DAMN-diculous.

Fade said...

uh- is anyone else having trouble posting with blogger? I have "published" a new post an hour ago, but my mainpage shows this post to be the most recent one... All i see is this one...

Anonymous said...

Police and fire protection, socialized???

But, we already use those in America? They can't be socialized if we use, because we're not socialists.

Socialism mean communism and we're not communists, so you must be mistaken.

Fade said...

Sorry Anon, you are woefully undereducated on socialism and communism.

Socialism definitely is Not Communism. But beyond that, Police depts and fire depts are not capitalist structures, nor in my opinion, should they EVER be.

The police and fire depts work as well as they do because they ARE a form of socialized structures. And put aside your kneejerk hate of the word Communism and consider this: Community. Communism, in its simplest connotation refers to communities working together toward a common goal, with no individuals gaining more than the others.

Community Groups are a form of communism. Neighborhood groups are a form of communism. When people help each other out, for the common good, and not to make a profit- its communism.

America uses many different forms of governance for different needs. I am not advocating one system. I am advocating using the best system for each application of governance.

And if you can ignore the Red Scare mentality of the 50's, you will better be able to wrap your head around these concepts. Thank you for your comment though. I welcome all comments from all readers.

Anonymous said...

They were called the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. That means SOCIALIST = COMMUNIST.

We are not and will never be socialists.

I will pay for my health care, not yours. If you can't afford health care that's not my fault. I'm not paying for you.

Fade said...

Yawn. I really get the feeling that you don't mind remaining ignorant about Communism vs. Socialism, but I'm gonna splain it to you anyhow.

The History of the Soviet Union begins with the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, emerged as the main political force in the capital, though they had to fight a long and bloody civil war against monarchist forces. The Bolsheviks became known as the Communist Party, and their Red Army eventually won the civil war. Communism was implemented across the territories of the former Russian Empire. After Lenin's death from a stroke, Joseph Stalin seized power and implemented socialism in the USSR.

So, Lenin=Communism. Stalin came along and Moved Russia towards Socialism.

Now, just so you know, Neither Lenin nor Stalin were much interested in progressive forms of Communism or Socialism. They just really liked power, much like our Bush of today, whose interest in capitalism starts and stops on how he can use it to benefit his small faction and consolidate his own power in a fascist means.

And as far as interest goes, I really don't have the interest to instruct you any further on the MANY, Many differences between socialism and Communism.

Now, Nice guy steps aside, Fade steps to the podium-

Listen up- Nobody is asking YOUR dumb ass to Pay for My fucking healthcare. I am not asking you to pay for my 9-1-1 calls to the fire dept or Police dept. I just happen to believe that in the world most affluent and powerful country- we can get a FREE ride to the hospital, paid for with the taxes we already pay. And no I aint saying we need more taxes, before you start mouthing off about that shit. We have spent 400 billion PLUS in Iraq for a bullshit war that funnelled money to capitalist SCAMS that Cheney milked to Halliburton as they fucked over our govt ONLY to move their Headquarters to the UAE so THEY DONT HAVE TO PAY THEIR FUCKING TAXES! Our government GETS enough fucking money to provide a system of healthcare for Americans. IT JUST DOESNT DO IT. You got that, you clueless motherfucker? You ARE HAPPY To pay FOR HALLIBURTON EXECUTIVES' Healthcare without bitching with YOUR TAX money- And believe me- Your tax money has made many a War Profiteer rich over Iraq. Bloody fucking dollars. But YOU are such a fucking spineless, brainless dipshit, that you are going to bitch at poor people as if THEY stole your tax money. Well, numbnuts- They didn't.
Bush stole America's money. Cheney stole America's money. Capitalist Cocksuckers with five houses and twenty fucking cars stole your tax money.

So Bitch all you want- but direct that anger- PLEASE- at the right fucking target, you goddamn twit who probably can't even find the U.S.S.R on a current map (lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you one of those people who would rather that
Saddam Hussein still be in control of Iraq.

And no, I wouldn't find the USSR on a current map, because it dioesn't exist anymore. Our side won the cold war. Communism didn't work, which means socialism didn't work.

And note that I don't have to start using pejoratives to make my point.

So, you don't have to go to a dictionary, pejoratives means swear words, curses, etc.