Jun 26, 2007

Sicko Amerka

Alternet has a great review Review of Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko.

It looks like it is must-see material.

And meanwhile, while America languishes far behind many other countries in health status (most of those nations poorer than the U.S)-
Our nation cries for a fallen "hero".

Chris Benoit, the Canadian Crippler, AKA the Wolverine, has died along with his wife and 7 seven year old son. Police suspect the WWE celeberity killed his wife and son, then himself.

WWE had a 3 hour tribute to him last night, while the details were still sketchy over what exactly happened.
Now, Controversy burns among WWE fanatics as they hastily invent new scenarios that exonerate "one of the most electrifying sports personalities in the W-W-E" in order to save one of their precious cardboard heroes.
So far, I've seen his wife blamed, Vince Mcmahon blamed, and even one clueless bastard who claimed that Benoit was done in by a rival wrestler because "there's no way he could ever pin Benoit". I even ran across one poor misguided lady who demanded investigations into Vince Mcmahon's death, as well as Chris Benoit's. But apparently she missed the 3 hour tribute last night, which revealed that Mcmahon wasn't actually dead, but had faked his death as a publicity stunt.
Who in the hell doesn't know that Wrestling is fake? What do you want to bet this is where the 29% of Americans that still support Bush come from?

FUCKING MORONS. And worse yet, FUCKING MORONS without Healthcare suplexing their family members on the front lawn after Monday Night RAW.

Founding fathers, I cry with you, sirs. I cry with you


Hill said...

You know what? I actually saw some ASSHOLE leave a "RIP" comment to this man who is SUSPECTED OF MURDERING HIS OWN FAMILY on a blog.

I was appalled.

ROT in HELL is most like it.

QuestionGirl said...

What do you want to bet this is where the 29% of Americans that still support Bush come from?

But do you think they vote??? I mean other than if it involves voting for their favorite wrestler. One can only hope they don't!

Pam said...

Maybe the wrestlers TELL them to vote Republican or something.

I try to forget how utterly STUPID people can be sometimes. But they always do something to show their ignorance, time and time again.