Feb 14, 2007

Freaky Wednesday

Wow = A lot of weird stuff going on today.

Iran is the victim of a terrorist attack.

Bush, at his press conference this morning, says that he's not sure if Iran is aiding Iraq. (that is the breaking news headline on Msnbc this very moment).

Al-Sadr may have fled Iraq? That's good news. One less creep stirring up trouble. The question is, will the creep that take his place be better or worse?

Putin, no boy scout himself, accuses the U.S. of starting a new Arms race. Well, no argument there. Allowing Israel to build nukes with no punishment whatsoever is the cause of that. Now North Korea, Iran, and who knows who else will have nuclear weapons- all because our government didn't follow up on the U.N. resolutions against Israel. Way to go. When are we going to make Israel the 51st state? Or is it more reasonable to just rename the U.S. the U.S. of Israel instead? How exactly did we become such a puppet for Israel, giving them billions of U.S. dollars over the years?

And not the least of our news today, Roving reporter Caveman issued his first link ever here at the House of the rising sons in the comments yesterday- To an ACTUAL News agency! And he brought up a valid discussion concerning the Iran-Iraq weapons connection. I am amazed.

The point he addressed was whether or not some .50 caliber Austrian made rifles that were sold to Iran in 2004 were being used in Iraq. And if so, how did they get there? If we have indeed found some Steyr-Mannlich (the Austrian weapon manufacturer) 50 cals in Iraq, and we can verify that the serial numbers are the ones sold to Iran, where does the trail then lead? What Iranian agency were these weapons sold to? Is it a smoking gun?

And as far as that- how much American ordinance and weaponry is being used in Iraq by insurgents today? No Quarter has some points to ponder in the comments here :
No Quarter

As 1watt at No Quarter comments:

The US military can't account for 2 Trillion in systems, the FBI lost 320 laptops & weapons, yet two or three black market supplied weapons show up in Iraq & Chimp wants to bomb Iran?

And putting aside the nitpicking- I myself believe that Iran is helping the insurgency and what's more I don't think it is sufficient reason to declare war on Iran. Russia didn't declare war on the U.S. when we were supplying Mujadeen in Afghanistan against them. They got over it, and we should too. Russia had no more business in Afghanistan than we do in Iraq.

And more importantly- there is this to think about- from thinker- also at No Quarter:

But back to Iran. The presumption that Iran would move on America in Iraq if they were nuked, is one possible outcome, but what if they went in the other direction? Clearly if America does something it will be at the behest of the United Nations and around the same scenario and bullshit pulled up on Iraq. President Mahmoud would reasonably feel agrieved at the European brown nosers under those terms and, with what's being going on with Russia, they may gain some pretty powerful allies with a vested interest in a very different World.
The powers that be should take a necessary deep breath.
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Thinker Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 01:06

There's a larger picture to consider than just the middle east.


Old Broad said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent.
But the Generals are turning on Dubya, Fade. There is still hope.

Pam said...

I agree with Old Broad. Great post.

Caveman said...

Generals turning on Dubya..BUAHAHAHAHAHHA..Bored your a trip..all is ok..but not in your world ...anyways..was cold here in the desert dam global warming still slamming my home...when will this end!!!!!

MEGABRAD said...

Nuke Iran!!!!!!

ps. fade, you still suck!

Ziem said...

Excellent Fade.

I do wonder though, what are these neocons thoughts on war with Iran? Are they ready for this? Are they ready for the sacrifice that it needs? Are they ready for the draft? Do they know that the draft rules have changed? Flat feet and asthma can no longer keep your ass out. Are they ready? Really ready? When will these war-mongers feel safe? When there's nothing left? No money, no life no country, no respect? When democracy is completely extinguished?

Fade said...

Just when I thought that cocksucker Megadouchebrad had gone away for good.

He just can't get enough of me. Always comes back for more. It's like a less manly Ann Coulter with a crush on me. And at midnight on Valentines too... Ick. gives me the heebie jeebies.

Obviously He's megalonely this V-day.

Fade said...

Ziem= well they are enlisting convicts at a record rate. And now the age requirements have been lifted high enough that a lot of these Tuff Enuff Right Wing Bloggers can join up, but they are too busy "Supervising" the war efforts from the comforts of home while our soldiers die.

And as the Straits of Hormuz close, expect gas prices to spike.

Fools. Every last one of them don't have the foresight to look beyond next week. Did you see the news? The neocons "predicted" that there would only be 5,000 troops in Iraq by 2006. Nostradamus they arent.

Caveman- What's your plan? Leave our troops dying in the streets of Baghdad for the next 10 years?

Iraq is escalating, month by month. With or without a surge, it doesn't matter. The more time the Iraqis have, the stronger each faction builds its network. Which makes Iraq a more and more dangerous place for our troops, stuck in the middle.

Caveman-Seriously- Do you think Iraqis will EVER be "trained" enough to keep the peace amongst themselves? Do you think they are capable in this atmosphere? Do you think that the leaders of these factions desire peace and coexistence with their rivals or just as much power as they can grab?

If you don't TRULY believe that Iraqis will ever build a democracy- then why in the hell would you want to keep our soldiers in the middle of that vortex of backstabbing artistry?

caveman said...

fade leave them where ever we fight Al-queda..could be 15 years I dont give rats ass as long as they fight them away from my home cool..You see I have found out you leftist are scared ..thats and you want all our troops here at home ...stop being scared fade..Dam what ever happend to that Ole board? the one that calls Dubya lots of dick names?

I Megabrad.. you still famous? BUHAHAHAHA