Feb 9, 2007

A woman's death

From Will Bunch at Philly's Attytood

A woman's death makes the news. And no, it's not THAT woman.

This breaking news story is about the sudden, unexpected, and tragic death of a young woman, not to mention the family that she leaves behind.

Yes, people die every day, and too many do so before their time. But this woman was special, and the things that she did made an impact on all of us.

Oh, there were many things that this woman, so deserving of our undivided attention tonight, did not do. No, she didn't take off her clothes for a men's magazine for a big payday, work as "an exotic dancer" or marry a billionaire customer who was 63 years older than her. Nor did she spend most of her adult life pursuing that billionaire's estate in courtrooms from Texas to Washington, D.C., or record her life for a reality TV show, or abuse drugs, or give birth to a child whose paternity is the focus of a legal battle.

Frankly, we feel silly for even writing those things, because such a woman would clearly not be newsworthy.


Her name is Jennifer M. Parcell. She was just 20 years old, and she graduated in 2004 from Fallston High School in near her hometown, Bel Air, Md.

A couple of years ago, Jennifer Parcell went to Parris Island and watched the Marine graduation services for her older brother, Joseph. She decided that she, too, wanted to join the Marines, and eventually both Jennifer Parcell and her brother were sent to Iraq, even serving at the same post for a time.

But then, they separated. Yesterday, Jennifer Parcell was supporting combat operations in Al Anbar province when she was killed in action. If we had more information about her death, we would provide it. But here at Attytood, we don't have the millions of dollars in resources or the extra manpower that they have at CNN, or MSNBC, or Fox News.

We wish we did, because then we could give the life and death of Jennifer Parcell the national attention that it truly deserves.

And all the Americans gasp at the death of another celebrity, while seven more soldiers die in relative silence. A hundred or so more Iraqis die in the chaos we have so haphazardly injected into Iraq as well.

Victims, aren't we all?

We don't have to be. Give all of your support to the strongest most outspoken Democratic candidates that are for ending this war immediately. Lend your money and your voices to the men and women who call for Impeachment the loudest. Get out and tell your friends and your families and your co-workers that you aren't putting up with this dirty, bloodstained party of Chickenhawk corporate raiders anymore.


caveman said...

Thanks be to Jennifer..She fights the terrorist.She is a hero

Good post Fade

caveman said...

No lets cheer on the war to kill terrorist..if not they will come and get you...ask the 3000 that died sitting at their desk working in the WTC...fight dont be a running loser!!

The terrorist love people like you why?..you dont want to fight

Fade said...

What, r ya Bipolar?

I, for the record = AINT a Pacifist. I have been in plenty of fights. But I don't start em, I just finish em. Iraq wasn't behind 9-11: Saudia Arabia was, Israel was, and Bush's dumbass ignored the warnings that COULD HAVE Saved those three thousand Americans. You know what would have saved Jennifer? If more Americans used their brains and stopped this bullshit before the PNAC got it going.
You know what will stop 3,000 MORE American soldiers from dying in Iraq NEEDLESSLY? If you will focus on what is really important- and help me get our troops redeployed OUT OF IRAQ. We aint fighting terror. We are occupying a country that HAD nothing to do with terror. We fucked up. It's time to be a MAN and admit responsibility. If we had turned over reins after "Mission Accomplished" and got the fuck out of there, Jennifer would still be alive.

Why do you hate our troops?

caveman said...

Hate the troops?..my friends fighting in Iraq says you and your leftist friends are getting them hurt everyday..They hate you..trust i know this..you dont support the war..you support the troops is a bunch of shit..and you know it..now Remember fade..who Al-Queda is?..they are in Iraq..who freaking cares where they are..kill them thats all I want. but you prefer to run...

Fade said...

Get it Straight. Men like ME SUPPORT THE TROOPS. People like you support the WHITE HOUSE, full of chickenhawks and non-military men who are only TOO EAGER to throw away American lives for their fucking games.

I hope that Iraqi Vets who have had their buddies killed for this horseshit war get a chance to run into Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Hume, Goldberg, and every other twisted moneygrubbing cunt that pushed this war on us or helped cheerlead it to the American people in a dark alley. And shows them some real patriotic fervor.

supergirlest said...

fade - another fantastic post! i hear rumor that that woman is getting an awful lot of media attention. if only they would focus on a story like this... a truly newsworthy story.

caveman - it isn't lefties AND righties in america getting them killed - it is this bogus occupation. if they weren't there, they wouldn't be getting picked off like sitting ducks.

perhaps you should consider joining the military if you're so supportive of this cause?

SimplyComplexJen said...

I was referred here by a good friend, I have tears running down my face at work... well written.

Frederick said...

Cavemen support the terrorists, by bankrupting our country on unnecessary wars.

caveman said...

Ohhh girl If I could join..I would make you proud not like others ..wussys.. fight terror dont run or complain like ..ummm

Hey ya Ferd..are ya finaly getting out of the service?..

caveman said...

I love you leftist..one day ..you will thank caveman..

Ferd am I still banned?...i like fades place better...he has a bit more balls then you..he has never banned me..plus one day I will have a beer with fade unless we are an Islamic state and we both are sticking our asses in the air praying to Allah..