Feb 23, 2007

Warhawk Vision

But he was looking for signs of Israeli atrocities in Lebanon, so it's all good.
More wacky nonsense from the man who sowed Lebanon with American WMD. Why in the holy fuck would you give THIS GUY clusterbombs to attack his neighbors?
And the right wing marches on...
Coming Soon: Middle East Armageddon.
Buy your Exxon and Halliburton stock now, kids!
Good ole' Israeli terrorism sponsored by American government in order to smite Arab terrorism! One good whackjob deserves another, right?
And with terrorist attack reprisals only up ... let's see here.. 600 % .. we should meet the neocon goal of Defcon-Fucked well before Bush ever leaves office!
With another five years of supporting Israel, invading middle eastern countries, and bombing the shit out of anything that Der Shrubenfuhrer deems "Evil bad guys" well, let's just say we're on the fast track to martial law, American internment camps, and more glorious terror attacks on American soil so we can tell those mean liberals "Nyah-nyah! Told ya so!"
No more boring apathy for you, America! Woo-Hoo! Your kids will never be safe now! Mission Accomplished! This group of greedy war profiteers has managed, in less than five years, to turn the entire world against us! Yay! Now we can be justified when we say we hate everybody but America.
And not only have they ruined our reputation and whatever chance at living in peace our children may have had- but they have ALSO managed to repeat another major screwup from the Vietnam era: Our "leaders" have completely and utterly demoralized our troops with their incompetence, avarice and lack of true support
AND- (wait, there's more) they have managed to almost completely kill recruiting for our armed forces at the same time.
After Vietnam, the troops weren't only treated like hell by antiwar groups, the way the right wing wants you to believe, but they were also spit on by their own arms of the military and our government. Recruitment dropped way down for a decade, as veterans came home and people began to see exactly how the government had screwed our vets. Well, its happening again, and meanwhile, our leader, oblivious to a country that is rapidly growing wise to his little mideast scam, is trying to start more wars.
Bush is STILL trying to cut taxes for his rich buddies while cutting funding for our troops who are coming home. Our government is still funneling millions to Israel while we can't afford to take care of our own country. The military is finding new ways to deny our pstd-suffering troops proper care. The funds are running out on the war effort. There's no money. If Bush wants to keep this war going, he's going to have to either start taxing the rich fools who have supported this war so vocally, or maybe he can start a penal-system amnesty program, since no one else wants to sign up as fodder in Iraq.
What will it take for the REST of America to take the lens caps off? Will our military have to completely collapse before these milling sheep take their eyes off the glow from Britney's shaved head?

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Old Broad said...

Fade, you ask an excellent question.
What the fuck will it take for America to wake up?
I don't know the answer. I am just bewildered at the apathy. I just don't get it. Politics affects everything. Yet few of us care.
I just don't get it.