Feb 21, 2007

Reason 3,231 that Hillary Should be ignored by Democrats

I don't post about her much, mainly because I think Hillary Clinton is such a huge liar and fake that it should be obvious to all Anti-war progressives who have been paying attention to her antics and lack of any real action against the Republican war machine for the past five years.

But John at Americablog gives us yet another reason why Democrats should not be donating to her campaign.

Americans of no particular political affiliation should pass on her, as well.


There are a Lot of good people who can lead us out of the pit that President Bush has pushed the American people into, and Hillary just isn't one of them. Set aside the fact that a good 30-40% of the country absolutely loathes her and would never vote for her in a thousand years.

I am not talking about electability, or the "Clinton" stain on politics. Hindsight is 20/20 and he was actually a very good president and led our country into a great time of stability before President Bush ramrodded that into the ground. But he was a liar and he lied to the American people and embarrassed the entire office of the President of the United States instead of just being a man and saying, yes, I cheated on my wife. It's none of your fucking business, but yeah, I did it- and I did it in the whitehouse with a government employee. Well, okay, maybe it was a teensy bit of your business.

No, no one died because of that lie- but I believe that lie led directly to us having the morons in office that we do right now.

But that isn't the reason I don't want his wife elected. His wife isn't on the same page as liberals on the war. She sat silently when Feingold, Murtha, and Reid were speaking out, under especially harsh criticism. She isn't on the same page as constitutional conservatives on Bush's wiretapping. She dismissed the critics when even Republican Arlen Specter managed to get outraged about Bush's dismantling our of rights to privacy.

She's a politician. Period. And she hasn't fought for ONE damn thing in the past five years that she hasn't carefully analyzed for its' effect on her future electability and upper movement.

As a Democrat, I have to agree with John from Americablog- She's on par with Joe Lieberman right about now.

There are many worthy candidates to focus on. Don't give your hard earned money to Clinton to squander, whether she gets elected or not. She is not what America needs to fight against the corruption that is already eating away our rights.

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Old Broad said...

There was a time, LONG ago, when Hillary was First Lady and battling to bring us Universal Health Care, that I admired her greatly.
That time has passed. Now, she disgusts me. That pandering to the neocon fundies drives me crazy. I don't believe for one second that she has the numbers. She has the money, but not the numbers. It is a Rove talking point that she is the odds-on fave.