Feb 16, 2007

Beer Commies

As requested, here is a re-post of my Beer commies article from last year at the OLD House of the Rising Sons. It's such a pain to find a link on MSN, I just said to hell with it- and cut and pasted it from my archives:

"I don't support commies, sorry." Pete

Recently in my household, an influx of Divorcee refugees has forced me to experiment with communism. Two buddies, both kicked out of their houses by their wives, have temporarily found refuge in my spare bedroom and on my sofa.

Given this extreme circumstance we had two choices. Being the Americans we are: We chose Capitalism first. We all bought an individual 30 pack Friday, the weekend brought friends of the refugees and our supply was soon depleted.

I had enough for a second 30 pack Saturday, but Refugee 1 did not. Refugee 2 had enough for a 12 pack. Again, consumption ensued and our supply was depleted, except I found myself sharing some of the consumables by way of a lender's agreement to Refugee 1.

Sunday was again a day of consumption and supplies were gone again. However, my only savings was in the form of an IOU from Refugee 1. Refugee 2 had money for further supplies but refused to agree to a Lending agreement, demanding cash. Two were without supply and endured taunting jibes from Ref.2 as he consumed his own supply.

Monday came, and both Ref1 and I received income and purchased consumables individually. Ref 2 was to borrow a technical term- "on the shit end of the stick". An Argument erupted and Chaos ensued. Violence was forthcoming. The Bastards Armistice was declared and Beer Communism has been born.

We pool our economic resources, and when one of the Workers union has no beer, the others cheerfully supply it. As long as everyone pulls their weight within the Beer Communist party, we should enjoy a fruitful (if not sober) political life.


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