Feb 15, 2007


"fade leave them where ever we fight Al-queda..could be 15 years I dont give rats ass as long as they fight them away from my home"

-Caveman. And he's talking about our troops.

That is the most chickenshit statement I have heard YET concerning our troops. And I have heard a lot of chickenhawks spout a lot of their macho bullshit while cowering stateside.

Then he goes on to tell me how Scared I am.

This is how the yellowbellied cowardly Right wingers think. This is the truth about all of them. Bill Kristol, David Broder, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, and the list goes on and on and on - Non-military (well- Except the hero of the Oklahoma Tet Offensive, Dubya) loudmouth roosters crowing and ruffling their feathers about the "enemy" and how we need to kill them before they kill us. Fear. Fear. Fear. Shitting their pants about terrorists and ay-rabs and mexicans and blacks.

They will pat our troops on the back, throw them a parade, and then send them half-the-world away to die - who cares as long as these fake heroes back at home don't have to do a damn thing except stick a fucking magnet on their car and attack us so-called "liberal hippie leftists".

I am so sick of these cowards. They don't care whose kids die as long as its not theirs. They don't care if they are building a world FULL of terrorists that hate America and will attack it for the next 40 years as long as they don't have to get off their asses and deal with it themselves.

"fade leave them where ever we fight Al-queda..could be 15 years I dont give rats ass as long as they fight them away from my home"

These are the words of cringing dogs, not American patriots. Why IS There Terror, you useless sniveling twits? Why would an Arab hate an American? Why?

Because we have been invading THEIR fucking countries for decades, sponsoring Israeli terror and grab-assing crude oil wherever we can lay our greedy hands on it. Iran and Iraq could not and would not wage war against America. They don't have the capability to hurt our country. Al Quaeda? Al Quaeda was in fucking Afghanistan. Osama was there. Why Iraq?

It wasn't to fight terror. Your cowardice is ONLY exceeded by your ignorance. And I, for one, am sick of listening to your fucking bullshit.

The last thing you wanted was a fight IN the United States, right? Well, too fucking bad. You got one. We took Congress in 2006. We WILL take the Presidency in 2008.

We WILL stop the self-destructive push to bomb Iran.

We WILL impeach this cowardly, dictator wanna-be President. He WILL NOT Pardon his cabal of cronies like Rove and Scooter.

We WILL get to the bottom of the lies this administration cooked up that are responsible for the deaths of those soldiers who you "don't give a rat's ass" about.

You ARE Traitors to the American way. Not us. We will fight right here, right now, in our own country for our constitution, for our freedom, for the rule of law and to keep our country from turning into a Corporation that sponsors torture, murder, and the slavery of its middle class.

America's soldiers are OUR Children, Our Fathers, OUR brothers, OUR sisters, OUR countrymen. To you they are just pawns.

Not any more.


Caveman said...

your scared fade...I think some chamomile will help with your nerves

Caveman said...

Ohh while you are in the subject of impeached I bet ya a keg of beer the greatest Pres in the world will never be impeached..wanna bet?..hey the terrorist love your last post...RUN!!!!!!

QuestionGirl said...

Bravo....well said! Caveman.....go back to your cave you sniveling coward, or better yet....go to Iraq and fight them there so they don't get you here.

Caveman said...

Dr.Caveman is now at the office Now now ? girl remember there is no draft the great men and women that are fighting the war on terror came into the military on their own. So you need to be smart and tell a real Solider thank you for protecting me from the bad guys..can you do that?...no? It so Amazing how people call me a coward and you and all the people here on this blog want to run away ..and surrender..Today I am Dr. Caveman and my prescription for you ? girl is you need to watch more of the Anna Nichol news to take your mind off being scared about terrorist..

QuestionGirl said...

I think you have it backwards Cave. It seems you, being afraid if we leave Iraq the terrorists will come and get you....are the one who is afraid. Dr. Caveman....now that's the funniest thing I heard all day. Thanks for the laugh.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

the caveman is yet another keyboard commando of the highest order. like all chickenshits, he is "fighting the war of ideas" like the pussy posse of Hannity, OReilly, Limpbaugh, et al.

Fade said...

"pussy posse?" Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Hannity?! lol - Now that's a ridiculous image!

Three losers hunting on a sex safari- Bill O's got the sex toys, Rush supplies the Viagra. What can Hannity bring? Oh yeah, he's definitely a Rophynol kinda guy.

"I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know." You know these right wingers are all about the "don't ask, don't tell"

Old Broad said...

Caveman, blow me. On Fade's dick.
I have a niece in Iraq, you pathetic illiterate moron.
I'm forwarding this exchange to her, so she can show her fellow soldiers and maybe, just maybe, they can get a moment's laugh at your utter stupidity.
Fade, keep rocking. When Caveman speaks, he makes the rest of us look like Rhodes Scholars.
Caveman, look it up.

Caveman said...

Now now Board the cussing ohh dear.. shows the child in you..please do send me the address so I can explain to your niece you all want to surrender to the terrorist ...but you support them..confusing. Fade..she is talking about your dick got me on that one

Hey Chicano I am your bother..but not progressive? what ever that means and got something in Spanish for ya. Me parece que la vena de la lengua pasa por tu culo porque hablas mucha mierda!which to non Spanish people in here means(It seems to me that the vein of your tongue goes through your ass because you speak so much shit!)

No Question girl the funniest thing I heard all day is from Board (blow me. On Fade's dick)..BUAHAHAHA thanks Board thats a Rhodes Scholar for ya.

Hey Fade did you hear the good news about killing some Al-Queda heads in Iraq?..we might have caught a big one..so I am hoping to see some good ole American water torture..maybe I can get it on you tube?

Ziem said...

Fade, standing ovation ensues!!

You're right. They are cowards feeding into the fears and lies this f'd up administration is feeding. Most of us, thankfully, can think and see for ourselves.

I'll even bet you cash money caveman here can't tell you EXACTLY how many Al-Queda members were in Iraq BEFORE our illegal occupation. Any bets??

Caveman said...

Nope cant tell you..Zit one question.Al-Queda did kill 3000 Americans? "Yes Dr. Caveman they did". ok Zit who are we killing in Iraq right now. "Al-Queda terrorist Dr. Caveman" Good boy Zit now we are on a role. So Zit since this is an Illegal war should we arrest someone and now?." "We cant Dr.Caveman the white house is run by big corporations and Haliburton we are planning oilfields all over the world to supply our SUV while global warming is killing us slowly and Hitler is Bush and the Aliens are coming in space craft to prepare the great BUsh take over of the world an"...Time to zap you Zit

Dr Cavman well be here for more questions any time of the day and night I am the Leftist healer.

Fade said...

Well, Doc. Let the Chief of surgery answer Ziem's and your questions. How Many Al Quaeda were in Iraq prior to invading? Zero.

Who are we killing in Iraq? Iraqis

Why are Iraqis NOW becoming Al Quaeda? Because we invaded.

It's a vicious circle jerk now, ain't it?

So Al Quaeda Isn't Currently in Iran. So in your mind We should invade so we can create Al Quaeda cells there too?

oy. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other arab nations not involved are buying more weapons as fast as they can.

How does this help protect America? There's no justification that you've got for the level of incompetence of our current "leadership". Hawk or dove, you've got to see that they have fubared this whole damn mission.

Gordon said...

Good post, Fade.

supergirlest said...

bravo, fade - BRAVO!!!

i've had as much as i can possibly take of this from people that won't be caught dead enlisting. it disgusts me.

and in case captian cavey didn't notice, THE DUDES THAT KILLED THOSE PEOPLE ON 9/11 ARE DEAD.

reminds me of an ole boondocks cartoon, while i'm at it. huey's little brother comes busting in saying, "hey! i know about current events! i've been watching the news! go ahead, ask me anything!"

huey says, "ok- who attacked the world trade center on 9/11?"

little bro replies, "saddam hussein!"

huey: " my GOD! you HAVE been watching the news!"

how this STILL is held to be truth after 6 years is way beyond anything i can get my brain around.

caveman said...

Super girl..for one I do something you dont do..I support our troops while you support the terrorist....Remember no one was drafted..you forget..but hey your a leftist..and the little yellow school bus is in a hurry to pick you up..weeeeeee..

MEGABRAD said...

Hahaha!! Yeah! Weeeeeeee.....
There goes 'fade' and his terrorist loving pals away on the short bus!!