Feb 28, 2007

Welfare Healthcare

For all of you out there who just love trotting out those "welfare mothers in cadillacs" stories, this one is for you.

Here's your bullshit Welfare "free" Healthcare.


Twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver died of a toothache Sunday.
A routine, $80 tooth extraction might have saved him.
If his mother had been insured.

If his family had not lost its Medicaid.
If Medicaid dentists weren't so hard to find.
If his mother hadn't been focused on getting a dentist for his brother, who had six rotted teeth.

It really is sickening that in this "land of plenty" a child can die of a toothache for lack of care. Some of you can sit there and justify keeping the minimum wage as low as possible, supposedly for the poor, put upon small businessmen, while turning a blind eye to defunding medicaid so a fucking multimillionaire can afford a third yacht, a fourth home, and avoid his taxes.

If I am willing to sacrifice a few extra bucks for taxes, then surely those much better off than I can afford to, if nothing else- just to help our fellow countrymen have a better leg to stand on as they attempt to take care of their families.

Billions wasted being funnelled to Iraqi warlords for NOTHING. Fucking Nothing, you war-mongering fools. America's billions are being pocketed by American corporations and scam artists who get government contracts that they should have never have gotten in the first place. Why did they get them? Oh, simply because they were the President's supporters.

There are billions and billions wasted weekly in the Middle East. Money spent helping to keep Israeli politicians' pockets full or in kickbacks to Saudi princes for their so-called support of America- while our country rots from within.

Security? What a bitter fuck you to the American people from the rich corporatists who run our country currently. (and are running it into the ground, on oh- pretty much every damn level).

Our country dwindles, without- AND within. No one with any level of intelligence, morality, and the barest modicum of historical knowledge should be supporting the men who are slowly killing our country while PRETENDING to protect it.

All for some scumbag, dopehead, can't hold his beer, spoiled little brat.

I would say "Thanks for nothing" to the Republican party and every foolish American who continues to support this little tinhorn prince, but that's not quite appropriate.

You've done fucking plenty. Its just all been bad, worse, and worser.

I guess, like the stock market idiots on CNBC yesterday, America will continue to ignore it's growing problems until it's YOUR home thats gone, YOUR kid that dies, or YOUR Job that gets outsourced. Only when it all goes belly-up in the most horrific way possible will you cretins suddenly wake the fuck up and go "Why didn't anybody do anything?"

Well We are TRYING. If you don't want to help, then shut the fuck up and get out of our way. Let real Americans get rid of these corrupt, inept, self-serving bastards. Quit your bitching about Hillary and Obama because you are sooo afraid of a woman, or worse, a negro- becoming the President. Quit repeating Rush Limbaugh's lies that the Democratic party doesn't have a plan, because it's all bullshit, and bullshit that is getting easier and easier to see through with every day that America suffers through Republican "plans".

Their plan was to get rich off the American government. Well, tee-motherfucking-hee, it worked.


Caveman said...
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Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

Blame the victim. Typical repuke strategy.

Fade said...

Oh, Don't get all whiny on me, man. No one's telling rich people they have to stop being rich. You won't have to put your hot tub on ebay if they raise the minimum wage, I promise.

And you know what? I am a poor bastard currently, but I work my ass off in this new field (investment advising) that I fell in and one day, when I have MORE money- I will give more. I don't have any excess cash to throw around, it's true. And time is a precious commodity to a single dad as well. But I do what I can, and if someone proposes raising taxes a miniscule amount so that poverty stricken American kids can get rotted teeth pulled without having to wait two months in pain- OH hell, I can handle it, unlike some of you selfish fuckers. It is about making us all stewards of our communities. I guess I could sell all my daughters older toys each year after Xmas- but I don't. I make them pack them up and we take a trip down to the Childrens Home of Lubbock- and give them to the orphans there. And poor as I am, I have a lot of friends and family who are worse off than I am, and when they need a hand, I give it gladly.

Yeah, if everyone did work in their personal lives, we wouldnt have to raise taxes. But because of the greedy dicks among Americans who don't give a shit about anything but themselves, the rest of us have to pick up the slack via taxes that affect us all.

I ain't willing to pay more taxes to make Bushco rich, but I can stand to know that my money is helping making my country stronger.

That is all that I am saying. Do you think producing more homeless people is better for America?

Frederick said...

You pay for medicaid whether you think you do or not, why not pay for an $80 tooth extraction instead of $250,000 brain surgery?

Caveman, someday you will not be able to take care of yourself and will need the rest of the community you shun now. May they be kinder to you then you've been to them. If it were up to me I'd let you sit in your own shit untill you understand. You are a waste of flesh.

Metamorphosis said...

Caveman- No. Actually, I would rather you kept it all. I'm sure you need it. Please don't even concern yourself with these issues as they are not your issues.

It will only be your issue when you become too sick to work.

When you do, and you need a little help, don't hesitate to ask because as a living, breathing, human being I will try ro help if I can.

supergirlest said...

this. is. so. wrong. when any child dies because of something that would cost 80 dollars to remedy in the wealthiest nation in the world...