Feb 23, 2007

Friday Feedom Links

How Far must we fall?

Inside the Largest Immigration Prison camp in the U.S

U.S. Economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty

Presaging the end of Iraq35

from the comments at Empire Burlesque:

Ah, the glory of the "I told you so". Except its not so damn glorious telling these idiots "I told you so" over and over when you are up to your armpits in the blood of people who really, REALLY didn't have to be killed.

Our knowledge is impotent. Our Logic is useless. Our Morals are trumped by their blind obedience to themselves. Knowing what is going to happen while those in power chug along in oblivious, or perhaps not-so-oblivious fashion, makes it all so much more unbearable. Do they know they are wrong? Do they know their rhetoric is a failure? I think so, and for us to point out the obvious doesn't seem to hurt them at all. Bush and Cheney just unload another wheelbarrel full of bullshit on the public and chuckle to themselves when no ones watching.

I think another thing that those of us in-the-know Realize is that these men are callous criminals who would sell out our country in a heartbeat for their own bottom line. Some men become twisted for glory. Some men become twisted for misguided nationalism. These men are twisted for the simplest and shallowest of reasons: simple greed. Simple selfish greed. And our country will continue to suffer until enough of us stop trying to REASON with them and remove them from positions of power.

And finally- Please, keep your testicles INSIDE the vehicle


Caveman said...

BUAHAHAHAHA camps for Illegal people..cool..im sure you can take them ..please do..matter of fact I am for a new bill that is going to mine the Rio Grande ..so then we will not have any more camps unless its for ..Americans supporting terrorist. and going agasint the war wooo that will fill up

Old Broad said...

Seriously. Reasoning is futile. See above comment.
Removal from power is the only option.

Pam said...

I agree with the old broad. You cannot reason with these people.

I'm working up my nerve to click on that testicles link now ;-).