Feb 13, 2007

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Old Broad

Progressive Chicano on Friends among the other side

Doc BioBrain: Dopes in Suits

No Quarter on Iran: Can People be fooled twice?

AND THE MUST WATCH VID OF THE DAY: The PM of Australia is a fool

Every Democrat in America should watch this video and take notes.

The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, made some comments that the Right Wingers in America picked up on. Now Right wingers notably hate Barack Obama. Mainly cuz they don't want some uppity negro to be President even if Joe Biden says he's clean. So when Howard repeated the Caveman-like comment that Al Quaida is hoping for Obama and the Democratic party to win, they absolutely stood up and cheered like the fucking idiots they are.

But Australia, yes even Australia, is MORE Progressive than America. One day later Kevin Rudd, another Australian politician, puts PM Howard in his place and exposes how ridiculous Howard's comments are. He says this directly to the PM's face (when he can attempt to meet Rudd's eyes) and he perfectly expresses why such comments are complete and utter bullshit.

We need more common sense rebuttals STRONGFULLY worded from our party. We don't need bi-partisanship with the scumbags who repeat such vile lies as this. Al Quaeda has millions more dollars in support directly BECAUSE of the Republican party. Al Quaeda has tens of thousands of more sympathizers and anti-american sentiment BECAUSE of the Republican party's actions. The world has turned against the U.S. BECAUSE of the Republican's party and the neocon cabal running the White house. Those are just facts. Look them up, if you dare. To postulate that our current situation and Al Quaeda's current strength is because of Democrats is just untrue.

It's too bad that Bush is such a coward that he cannot face scrutiny and debate with a few Congressmen. It's too bad that our President, unlike the leaders of Australia and Great Britain, isn't required to meet in congress and defend his own positions himself, instead of through his proxies.

Because we know this fool can't explain himself when he gets asked a real question about Iraq.

Every day of trial brings more of this administration's dirty tricks to light. Each day reveals that the Main Stream Media HAS Been in and Remains in = this White House's pocket. Russert, Woodward, Novak, Matthews- ALL Republican pawns, we see now. (As if we on the left didn't KNOW this already). Cheney's a crook. Libby's a crook. Rove's a crook. They all conspired to out a WMD EXPERT in the CIA because her husband dared to tell the truth.

For shame! The Truth! (gasp) To Republicans the truth is treason.


Caveman said...

Austrian Sniper Rifles From Iran Found In Baghdad Home
US soldiers during a house search for insurgents, in eastern Baghdad found more than a hundred Austrian-made sniper rifles, which were sold to Iran, in a Baghdad raid on insurgents. The .50 calibre weapons, which are capable of penetrating body armour, were part of a shipment of 800 rifles exported by Austrian arms manufacturer Steyr-Mannlicher to Iran last year.

and the list goes on..hmm does not faze you all..come on lets fight..cheer for the good guys

Fade said...

Ah, and just when I thought you were going to make a POINT- you print up lies. Steyr-Mannlich did in fact sell 800 50 caliber guns to Iran in Nov.2004, which generated some controversy. But no news items on any of these weapons found in Iraq or Baghdad? Why IS THAT Cavey? You making shit up again? Link please. Faze me with some facts.

Fade said...

And, before you mention those IEDs on the powerpoint (Hmm Powerpoints- Didn't Powell use those to show us those "Mobile chemical weapons labs?") that was shown on tv recently to show an "Iranian IED" had Iraqi mfg numbers NOT Iranian. (One's farsi, ones' not)...

What else ya got? A big Libertarian Warhawk client came in yesterday. He says that if we attack Iran, it'll be great! WTF? I asked him= He said well, the stock market volatility is at a 10 year low because of complacency, and we need some trauma like a terror attack or some real war in order to get the volatility index up. And he said it with a smile. No worries= His Kids aren't in the military. I just walked away, disgusted. Now I don't believe you are like that guy, Caveman, I really don't or I WOULD just ban you and forget about ya. But THERE ARE powerful, rich men out there- who think like this. And more times than NOT they are the ones making our foreign policy. That's what pisses me off.

supergirlest said...

"We need more common sense rebuttals STRONGFULLY worded from our party."

i'd say from ANYONE at this point, but AMEN, brother! i'm SO tired of the soundbite debates that pass for dialogue in the government and media!

my spidey sense is tingling on iran - but i know you already know that.

Fade said...

Meanwhile, at fact-checking ranch...


This military Blogger goes over the details of the "evidence" against Iran.

Flimsy and Flimsier.

navyswan said...


U.S. general: No evidence Iran is arming Iraqis

Pace contradicts claims by other U.S. military, administration officials


Fade said...

Good catch, Swan- Pace is starting to show a little spine to this administration. When are these right wingers going to start talking about the military cuts and the lack of proper funds for our wounded coming home? Never?

Support the troops right to die fighting for their country, but not their right to proper care once they've lost a limb?

caveman said...

Here ya go...ohh an remember the news hates AMerica..and want us to run like you all do ; )

navyswan said...

So, caveman thinks that General Pace hates America? How shameful.

Fade said...

caveman, you sure that this is you? First you post something that isn't just an insult and secondly you give me a link! Well, Doggies!

Maybe us libs are rubbing off on ya, after all. I went to the Telegraph site. Checked it out. Looks legit, so far no one else to corroborate it except a free republic type feeding frenzy thats taking place on the right wing blogs... I did find this http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?F=2553390&C=europe

But, this is a weapons contractor website, and those bastards will want to cover their asses no matter what cuz they don't care who kills who on what side as long as they can sell WMD to ALL Sides at once. Lords of war and all that. Okay- I am left wondering why the U.S. news isn't all over this. The only thing I can figure is A.It cannot be corroborated. (and that has never stopped Fox Before) and B. American MSM is so damn slow they just haven't caught up yet. or C. The whole thing is a hoax and its already been discredited.

Either way, we won't know until the U.S. forces that supposedly confiscated these weapons runs the serial numbers to find out if they are in fact Steyr-Mannlich's, or cheap knockoffs, OR if the whole thing was dreamt up. I eat,drink, and breath news about Iraq and I think that if 50 calibre weapons were being used against our troops it would be Big news since they are indeed a huge threat. So the jurie's still out- But I will have to stand corrected on my initial claim that you were just full of shit, Cavey. Wow. I am still amazed that you gave me a link to a valid news source! Excellent work! Keep it up. We may both learn sumthin.