Aug 6, 2007



old hack said...

It's sad how immobilized this country has become due to gm and ge advertising. In Califnornia we have what Mike Gravel is preaching a state innitiative. We had a vote on whther to tax the oil companies and use the money towards science and engineering to create a new energy source and sure enough the days leading up to the vote the TV was over ran by gloosy ads with "typical middle class white woman in an SUV" saying "No Don't do it! It'll raise gos prices" when there was a special clause that insured that gas prices wouldn't be effected. and sure enough it was voted down by a very slim margin. Scared just enough of them so that we stay on the oil a little longer.

check out the gore vidal clip I found on my blog

Hill said...

It's stunning that Tricky Dick's admin looks downright vaguely honorable when compared to DubyaCo.