Aug 7, 2007

Greatest Hits

As you may have noticed, it's been a rather empty house around here lately...

I apologize, but between moving to a new town, closing on a house, (and everything else involved) and the spastic stock market making my clients lose their minds, I haven't had much time to make any worthy posts.

So for the next week or so, I am compiling a "Greatest Hits" list of my favorite posts from the House of the Rising sons.

So, this will have to sate you for the time being. Enjoy...

Not Fade Away : Birth of a Redneck Liberal Blogger
(posts from the Original House,Aug 2005 to March 2006)

(the Photo Album from the Original House)


Valerie Plame
Part 1 TraitorGate
Part 2 Treason for Dummies

Fed up with Sheep sheeyit


Letter to Pat Buchanan

2005 thoughts on 2008 elections

21st century witch hunts

Tribute to C&L

Why is Religion bad for the country?

Right Wing Re-education

First Agreement of the Iraqi Government

Good Parenting

Inside the local Christian Coalition/Republican machine

Real American Traits to live by

America built on Freedom From Religion

We, The People- It’s not a moonbat thing

America the greatest

Freedom to Blog

True Irish don’t celebrate Saint Patty’s Day (My annual rant against St.Patrick)

Bushco determined to Attack Iran- (Thank god we have stopped them so far)

Me, the people, ain’t working

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Batocchio said...

Cool! Good to have a round-up like this.