Aug 7, 2007

Apathy versus Anarchy

...Updated for accuracy... ;)

Unruly Mob turns a Year old

Liberally Mirth fades out and then back in...

I am surprised and thrilled that there is enough interest in this little blog to keep it going.
Beginning next Wednesday and until I have more free time, I will do a once-per-week post. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. "

Winter Patriot wonders why the blogger meltdown is occurring... or, in the ever-non-churlish Winter Patriot's words:

"Winter Patriot's getting a bit concerned over signs of blogger meltdown ..."

My original thoughts on the meltdown-that-is-not-a-meltdown:

We are disillusioned, those of us who can see how far our country has fallen. We understand that increasingly it appears that the only way to fix our government is by strident measures. We can see that our politicians, corrupted to a man, whatever side they profess to be on, hold the belief that they ARE Royalty and that the people of this country deserve to be their pawns.

Peaceful protests aren't going to be the catalyst to change our country this time around.

Power is only checked by powerful countermeasures and important sacrifices borne of patriotic duty. Neither of which any American seems to have in any consequential supply, myself included.

It WILL get worse- and until Bushco and the Royal highnesses of Congress experience some REAL pain as a result of their destruction of the constitution, they WILL Not be checked.

IS it better to burn out than to fade away?? Do we Stand up and fight, REALLY fight- or sit meekly and die this slow death?

Either way, This country is on a path to self destruction. We either allow this murderous pharisee corporatist to become Pharoah, or we refuse to be slaves to the empire.

It's certainly a lot easier to simply give up and let your country die a nice quiet death, isn't it?

It's apathy versus anarchy. Like many americans, tucking my kids in bed at night, I find it really hard to champion ideals when their only defense is anarchic acts. The upper class of America HAS Abandoned the rest of the country. They hold the whips and no one among them has the morality or far-sightedness to see past their current mastubatory goals. They put all their efforts into chasing their selfish immediate gains and allow the infrastructure of our government, our economy, our military, and our global standing to rot from within.

And not ONLY do they so casually destroy the material infrastructure of this country, they also burn to the ground their own freedoms, their own futures, their own system of laws just to increase their piece of the pie.

Greed is a powerful thing. I have never really understood it.
But no matter how many vacation houses they amass, how many expensive cars they add to their collections, or how much they add to their bank balances, it won't be enough.

They sell their country out cheaply, these greedy short-sighted fools.

Maybe they Will deserve it, when it all comes crumbling down. But my children certainly don't deserve it. I don't know how to keep fighting this system that spirals deeper and deeper into hell each week. At least not without resorting to drastic measures.

So, until it gets worse, Americans will allow our royal keepers to continue fleecing the flock.

So here we go, once again- We got knocked down, but before I even finish bitching about it, we're already back on our feet, back into the fray. Just remember to protect yourselves at all times and keep swinging...


Winter Patriot said...

Hi, Fade. Thanks for linking to my blog, and for conversing with us there. You clearly have a lot to add to the discussion, and I hope you will continue to speak freely there.

Fade said...

Thanks- You are obviously a kindred soul. I am glad to have discovered your blog.

supergirlest said...

i wish i had the answer, but i don't know what it is. :(

The Insufferable Poopysuit said...

For you:

old hack said...

I'll tell you what I see down the road with Hillary.

carbon tax - 6 dollars a gallon

gas to heat your home - twice what it is now

groceries - doubled

immigrants soaking up the jobs at lower wages

everyone on foodstamps and DEBT = communism

the oil companies and the government holding us hostage

more war.

in-fighting in America between American and Latino gangs for territory.

basically to hell in a hand basket

old hack said...

oh I forgot to mention the higher taxes because Hillarys not going to lower drug prices before she makes it "free"

Fade said...

A lot of the time, in my life, things feel unfocused and inexact. I struggle to do right, and stand up for the things I believe in strongly. And as I get older, its hard to believe in anything, 100%. I used to be a badass. I didnt think about it, too much, I didnt have anything to prove, because what it was, was what it was. Now, I feel torn from purposely NOT being a badass and on the other hand, feeling (in my age) that I HAVE to prove it. I know that if you have to prove it, you aren't "it" anymore. The only time I feel 100% about myself and my life is when I am just being Dad to my kids. Even in my blog, I feel an increasing need to prove myself by being, MORE, in all things.

I have lived the last five years of my life by never having to rely on anyone else. I have been completely self sufficient and now I am trying to extricate myself from this mindset and stop trying to do it all by myself.

It's too consuming.

QuestionGirl said...

Fade, you are such a great writer. I've been pondering the situation we as a nation are in, also. And one thing is true. It will not change unless WE drastically and tirelessly demand it. And like you, I don't see how that will happen. We as Americans seem content to sit on our asses and watch our country being destroyed. We need a Martin Luther King. We need someone to lead. And so far, I see no one out there who can or will do it. Would I feel better if I went and sat on a corner and protested every week? Maybe. Would it make a difference? No. Not until we can unite and make it impossible for our voices NOT to be heard will things change. And right now there's not enough Americans willing to do what needs to be done to bring about that change. And there's no one to lead the ones that are willing.
Blah blah blah...
Great post! I'm going to crosspost it!

angry ballerina said...

Fade, I can honestly say that reading your blog makes me have faith back in people. You are a very insightful person, and quite keen..... Just thought I would write that before I go back to telling you to fuck off.....I need another pill

Fade said...

Okay, who in the hell hijacked Angry's blogger ID?


I think I Desperately NEED all the fuck offs I can get. Keeps the megalomania in check.

Fade said...

Qgirl.. Damn, waiting for a messiah to save us...

THIS is why I didn't want religion. I thought that I wanted to BE the messiah more than I needed one.


angry ballerina said...

hey fade


Fade said...

Ah there's the angry I know and love...

(wiping a sentimental tear from my eye)...

Feeling the love

angry ballerina said...

Eat shit and die.

mirth said...

Liberally Mirth: dimmed, but not demolished. Apathy didn't play a part in it, but talktalktalk that gets us nowhere did. I don't know the directions we need to go, but I'll stay in the game.

For me, what is most demoralizing is that we aren't fighting for advances. Instead we come begging for fundamentals of equal rights and basic freedoms, battles that have already been fought and for a time won. It took the catastrophe of 9/11 to dissolve the barriers between citizens of this country, but look at our collective response to it - a headlong plunge into military aggression and willing forfeiture of freedoms and NO resulting accountability for any of the crimes committed in our names.

People say to me that blogs make a difference and point to the '06 election as proof, yet its only benefit has been to prove that the 110th is a willing partner of the the administration and has been all along. And we stand ready to elect more of it.

It isn't apathy, it's hopelessness. There is no evidence that we are capable of anarchy and nothing short of that will save us.

Fade said...

Mirth, and here we are. Twisting in the wind... There's a fork in the path. Dare we fight back and let chaos reign? Or do we continue on doing what we can to save the country in a peaceful manner- vote the bastards out, rinse, repeat. When one Politician proves themself to be a servant of the status quo we rid ourselves of them, quickly, in the very next elections. No second chances. No timetables for victory. They either stand up and fight for the people who elected them or they lose their jobs on the next cycle. This also means that those of us who are willing to protest ALSO have to be willing to RUN FOR OFFICE. Network, fundraise, third party iniatives. The best way to beat the system nonviolently is within the system. I'd vote for plenty of bloggers out there who have shown they are decent stewards of democracy.

The time for outrage is NOT Over, but lets channel that fury into some real progress for our country.

mirth said...

Yes we are at a crossroads, renaissance or complete destruction, and protest by ballot is maybe one viable action. The only way, mho, is for that to begin absolutely with NO current reps now up for re-election retaining their seat. Otherwise most of them are ours until 2011. Picking them off a few skunks at a time only shows that they have to REALLY stab us in the back before we will take action, and there are too powerful PR tools at their disposal to fudge their criminality until we get it...Feingold being a prime example with his Impeach/Nah, we have too much else to do. If we are going to speak with any show of force and with any positive consequence, then 2008 has to be all or nothing.

But I'm no longer convinced that peaceful means of protest have any merit.

On the other hand, these sonsabitches have in place all the tools neither Nixon or Johnson had to end an fullblown uprising.

I think we've waited too long.

Fade said...

email me, Mirth. I'm at your disposal.

zentropymind at the yahoo

Bluebear2 said...


You express many of the feelings I also struggle with.
In the 60's I was gung-ho on the front line in the streets.
Being single then made it easy to give 100% of my time for the cause.

Today with a wife and two kids in high school and all that comes with that, it is hard to tear away to do anything really meaningful.

I find myself wondering where the youth of today are and why they aren't on the front line to fix our country.

Was it the Draft that drove us back then?

As for the Royalty of today, Tim Buckley said it well:

"The antique people are down in the dungeons
Run by machines and afraid of the tax
Their heads in the grave and their hands on their eyes
Hauling their hearts around circular tracks
Pretending forever their masquerade towers
Are not really riddled with widening cracks
And I wave goodbye to iron
And smile hello to the air"
Tim Buckley [Goodbye and Hello]

old hack said...

I refuse to ever give up.

If the choice is to either shrug my shoulders and fall prey to what the masses are ignoant to ot to either Rail Against the Dying of the Light. I wholeheartedly choose the latter.

keep up the good fight.

If anything the harder the fight the harder you should fight back.

an honest fuck you and a smack in the back of the head for meaure my online friend in war.

Fade said...

(and a kick in the ass, eh Hack?)

Thanks for the inspiration and great comments, everyone.

Yeah, We are battered but not beaten. Every single day you people renew my faith in my fellow man. I need to redouble my efforts on the "outside" of the blogosphere to implement some positive change, even if it is in Lubbock. I have a feeling that this blog can help me:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone

Winter Patriot said...

Hey Fade ... it's just me again ... as you know I'm new here and I can't read between the lines yet with any confidence ;-(

.... and I can't tell whether you got your fix or not, so just in case ...

eff you see kay oh eff eff


Fade said...

Wp- lol. Here's a pic that Angry needs on her blog...

Winter Patriot said...

not meaning to be excessively churlish or anything, but I beg to differ with your characterization of my post

"Winter Patriot wonders why the blogger meltdown is occurring..."

Au contraire, mon ami!! I understand it very well. I melted down in late 2K5 and didn't write a half-decent word again untl July of 2K6; I feel fortunate to be "still going" so long after resuming and I have great admiration for those who have blogged and slogged continuously for a long period of time. But I also have a lot of sympathy for those who would love to do such a thing and find they can't.

Just to clarify, you know, rather than

"Winter Patriot wonders why the blogger meltdown is occurring..."

It might be more accurate to say

"Winter Patriot's getting a bit concerned over signs of blogger meltdown ..."

not meaning to be excessively churlish or anything but

eff you see kay oh eff eff

;-) ;-) ;-P