Aug 14, 2007

Soldier and a Gentleman

A soldier speaks out against the war:

From Sniper to War Resister: My Journey


The truth will come out, and there is nothing they can do to hide it. The occupation is a disaster. I’m convinced that every day it continues that it makes America, and the Iraqis less safe. Objecting to the war and standing up to the military was without question, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I made a stand that was the right one, and I have my freedom back as a bonus. Maybe ten years from now those of us resisting from within the military today will be seen as some of the first few to speak the truth and to follow up with action. Even now I have many to remind me that I’m not alone in my thinking, even a majority of Americans who know that all the pieces of this conflict simply don’t add up.

Seek the truth. Make the stand.

I have always championed the Israeli peace activists above all others. They fight against incredible odds and country whose leadership makes Bushco look like spring chickens when it comes to murder, oppression, and fascism. If an Israeli citizen dares take a stand against their government's terrorist actions, they are vilified, attacked, and even killed. Israel kills anyone they want to, with impunity. British journalists, American protesters, children in the streets of Gaza. And very few Israelis stand up for what is right.

Being a peace activist in Israel is one of the most dangerous "jobs" in the world. And, I am sure it is one of the most morally rewarding to take such an important stand.

That is no different when a U.S. soldier, stationed in Iraq, who has killed for his country, decides to take a stand against the Iraq occupation. These men are vilified by the military whom they have so honorably served. They are hidden away, locked up, and subject to treatment that is outside of military law. They are threatened and punished for their beliefs, their opinions and daring to show any morality whatsoever. It takes a hell of a lot of balls to follow your conscience in light of this dishonorable treatment by their officers.

These men have taken the ultimate stand for our country, and having been there, realizing that what our country is involved in IS a travesty that serves no purpose and hurts America, they take a further stand for their country by standing up for decency and dignity.

They need our support. Please support The Iraq Veterans Against the War. Give deeply to the men who are speaking out, against all the odds stacked against them, in order to tell the American public the truth about Iraq.

Our soldiers are being sent to the slaughter, both physically and mentally, in tour after forced tour. Don't let our troops be Bushco's cannon fodder any longer! Don't let them sacrifice American soldiers for THEIR dirty profiteering any more!

Do what you can to support these men, who are saying that they don't mind dying for our country, but they aren't going to kill innocent people so fat ass Dick Cheney can retire in the middle east with his halliburton cronies when he leaves the office of the Vice President.

Our President is throwing away these soldiers lives for his political games. Don't let him punish the soldiers who dare stand up against his tyranny and war profiteering.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

How U.S. soldiers stopped the War in Nam


navyswan said...

Very good post. I have only one minor complaint with this statement:

"It takes a hell of a lot of balls to follow your conscience in light of this dishonorable treatment by their officers."

The military is a scary place sometimes and right now an officer is just as likely to be fragged by his underlings or a fellow officer for speaking up. These people that hate dissent are not just in the officer corps. Trust me. I worry that if my husband were to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, he would end up like Pat Tillman. And that is scary and that is the reality of it. My husband has had to tell me to remember that he would never commit suicide and if anything were to happen to him like "falling" off a ship that I should know that it is bull. That is frightening, but that is my reality.

Keep up the good blogging. Sometimes I feel like I am on my own, it is nice to know that you have my back.

Fade said...

wow. I never contemplated that. Shit, as if fragging wasn't bad enough, reverse-fragging...

How scary is that...

Land of the free, home of the brave.

Fuck. Why don't these Bushbots understand that transforming our government into the Iron Fist of the old Soviet Union isn't something to be desired?