Aug 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary Blue Herald!

Blue Herald celebrates their first anniversary!

Blue Herald is a great news site with great bonus features, like Blue Herald Radio and The RightWing Cartoon Watch.

It's home to some of my favorite bloggers as well: Questiongirl, Buck, and Batocchio. Jim Swanson is a great addition to the group as well.

The guys over there work overtime to posting news as soon as it happens, so check it out a couple of times a day.
Oh, and duh, before I forget for the fifteenth time, - I am adding ZAIUS NATION to the blogroll.
Dr. Zaius joins the elite Bad Influences Smartass Bloggers corps. I think you'll see the good Doctor will fit right in.
Just remember evolution doesn't always work out for the best.


Batocchio said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Batocchio said...

Oh, and Dr. Zaius is a good addition!

QuestionGirl said...

Dude....thanks so much! My how time flies when your pissed off!;-)

mirth said...

Hell yeah! to Blue Herald.

I'm known and admired ?G since the early (& fun) days at C&L. I think she is the first commenter on any blog that I reallyreally liked. When she invited me to guest post at BH I was giddy with the flattery and excitement of it. She and Buck taught me all the basics of scouting out stories and how to make a post about them and they were both so patient while I slooooowly learned.
The BH team is tireless, the scope of the information they present is wide, their facts and their insights are solid, and it is the place to keep up with news as it happens.

Congratulations, Friends!