Aug 22, 2007

Accept Communism or die!

3 things about this link:

It's a story from the christian bible.
Bible stories made with legos are just chock full of symbolism.
The apostles were commies.


mirth said...

Clever site!

PoliShifter said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Excellent find. How in the heck do people do stuff like this and make a living?

Fade said...

the story behind the brick testament is pretty interesting, the guy who came up with these lego bible stories is actually in demand from Christians as well as teh Unbelievers... They use his books as primers for children, because all of his stories are drawn exactly from the bible. The only things that are not are the quotes he sometimes puts in Grey, like in the pic above.

I like this quote from where he got his inspiration:

Insight into Smith's intent is found in his introduction, where the artist describes his epiphany at the local Taco Bell, when his burrito burst into flames and God's unmistakable voice told him "from this day forth you will illustrate for Me, My most holy of books, the Bible, completely in Lego."

But I'm an atheist, protested Smith, 30, who grew up Episcopalian.

"Then you are especially unqualified to question Me," came the response. "Now get to work."