Nov 10, 2006

Victory, part one

Now, our job STARTS.

What!? As you spew coffee all over your keyboard... I know, you thought we HAD been working, fighting, clawing and exposing the Republican party over and over again until we could finally declare "Victory". Well we have. And we've done a good job - getting the word out to America about the dirty little truth about the Republican party.

But, I WAS a Republican Conservative back in the Contract with America days. And I saw our party destroyed by greed and political gamesmanship. I sweated bullets during Bush/Gore 2000. I couldn't believe it- What were they trying to pull on George Bush. I couldn't sleep as I watched the elections. It all seemed kind of weird. Why Can't they just recount all the votes. What the hell WAS Going on in Florida? But still I was happy that Bush was finally "declared the President" even though it left a really bad taste in my mouth. Something wasn't right. Things never did quite add up after that. Then 9-11. Then Afghanistan. And then the workup to Iraq. At that point, I realized that "Conservative" notions had been thrown out the fucking window by the Republican party.

And so, here I am again- this time on the Democratic side. But I am not a blind cheerleader for a party this time. There are goals we have to meet. We have to stay on top of not ONLY the Republicans but also the men and women of the Democratic party. We need to make sure they do not become complacent in their victory. We need to make sure they don't set Americans by the wayside as the Contract with America crowd so quickly did. We need to follow their every action, their every vote and make sure they keep Americans at the heart of their interests.

The most disheartening thing that I saw on the news today was CNBC interviewing Lobbyists, Under the heading of "Lobbyists Suck up To Democrats". One thing about the Greedy Bastards on CNBC. They call it like they see it- Even as they PROMOTE the fucking lobbyists for the corrupt Corporate mentality...

That is JOB ONE- Making sure that Our Public Servants SERVE The Public and not the Corporations- Not the 10% of the super rich, but the 90% of Americans.

I won't play partisan politics any longer- The goal of getting the Corrupt Republicans OUT of control has been met. Now it is time to see them on equal footing- and for us all to make sure they do their JOBS.

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