Nov 16, 2006

Note to Lying Loser Republicans:

Fucking Brilliant!


Note to the Republican LOSERS who are STILL in denial:

Liberals won the elections. Progressives won the election. Americans want us out of Iraq - NOW. Americans want George Bush Impeached and arrested. Americans want corrupt Republicans to be the only bastards locked up in Gitmo- and we've got a HELL OF A LOT MORE EVIDENCE on the Pedophile, closet-gay, Racist, White supremacist, radical, Class warfare waging, torturing, not supporting the military Republicans than we have on the Afghani sheep farmers that are in Gitmo now.

SO GET OVER IT. Stay in your parents Basement like Chad Castanegna and Don't come out, don't spin your useless cowardly bullshit at Freeperville and don't make insane statements parroting the Right Wing Propaganda machine that is Fox "news". Just, for the sake of Americans, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Every time you dipshits open your damn mouths, you somehow manage to make life worse for Americans everywhere while you blatantly lie through your teeth.


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