Nov 16, 2006

Halfway through November

November's Casualties in Iraq


They bruised my soul with a proverb,
They bruised my back with a rod,
And they bade me bow to my elders,
For that was the word of God.

They pent up my soul and bound me
Till life was a living death,
They struck the wine from my fingers,
The passion from my breath.

I reached my hands to living,
They hurled me back into school,
And they said, "Go learn your lessons,
"You innocent young fool."

They yowled till they woke the trumpets --
And the sword blade rent the plow,
And they said, "It is your duty
"To die for your elders now."

They cowered far from the battle
As I went into the strife,
And I spilled my guts in the trenches
In the red dawn of my life.

And the elders named me hero,
But more than their words and ire
Was the scent of a strange wild flower
There where I died in the mire.

Robert E. Howard

It has been a week since the elections and already ALL the news I see is Republicans talking about MORE Troops, More involvement, More "staying the course". And the Democrats snipe at each other and jockey for their own committee positions : "Whee! Let the lobbying begin!" The Democrats voted Steny Hoyer OVER Murtha. Who in the hell is Steny? Why are the ONLY times I have seen his name is when he's badmouthing other Democrats? And why is Carville attacking Dean, the man whose 50 state policy worked so well?

I don't think that some of the old-school Dem Dinosaurs get IT, exactly.

We voted out the bastards who got America where we are right now. We didn't kick those bastards out so you could merrily take their goddamn place taking kickbacks and sitting on your fat asses. Get our TROOPS out of Iraq. Fuck Bush I's and Bush II's "Study Groups". The only thing these cronies are studying is how to best separate oil from Iraqis. Redeployment plans IMMEDIATELY. Every minute that is wasted on the Republican's Failed plans is a minute that a new American soldier may die in.

If the Democratic party Fails in this, because they are too busy marketing themselves- WE WILL NOT FORGET. Do your damn jobs. The ones that Republicans HAVEN'T DONE For 12 damn years!

It's time to start fixing America.

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