Nov 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Prayer

2006 Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanks for a nation of new brown people to punish and kill
Thanks for our main stream media, to whose lies we can thrill
Thanks for our President's attention deficit disorder,
Thanks for our constitution, even though it's now a bit shorter
Thanks for torture, extradition and the secret tucked away prison
Thanks for the American flag blindfolds, to block out our vision
Thanks for our troops dying over there and not here
Thanks for our Pundit overlords, who assure us they aren't queer
Thanks for a most Christian god, and America so uniquely blessed
Thanks for tax cuts for the rich and our minimum wage repressed
Thanks for $10,000 plates at Political fundraisers
Thanks for a patriotic line that we can tightrope like razors

But Thank you the most for showing us the truth of our democracy
and forcing us all to kneel, bow and scrape at the altar of hypocrisy.

My Thanks this Thanksgiving are for Americans like Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs, Keith Olbermann, Matt Taibbi, Navyswan, Actor212, Fred, John Amato, Mirth, Buck, QuestionGirl, Bacchus, Larry Johnson, Juan Cole, Amy Goodman, Johnathan Alter, Seymour Hersh, Ava Lowery, the crew at General de Jesus and the thousands of others out there who aren't afraid to tell it like it fucking is.



Anonymous said...


Fade said...

feeling the love..

Frederick said...

Thanks for Anonymous commenters, ESAD

Great post, Fade.

PoliShifter said...


Thanks for riping off our tax dollars and "losing" it in Iraq with nothig to fucking show for it.

THanks for dishonoring our soldiers by not equiping them enough, not providing the necessary healthcare, and by not giving them clean water and making them eat all at the same time.

Thanks for not sending enough troops in the first place to do the job right as Shinseki and Zini recommended.

Thanks for refusing to change strategy.

Thanks for allowing mission drift to hijack our purpose there.

Thanks for constantly moving the goal line.

Thanks for sending our troops on third or fourth tours.

Thanks for blaming our troops for what is wrong with Iraq.

Thanks for continuing to insist that if we don't kill the Iraqis over there they will invade us and rape our women.

And Anon,


navyswan said...

Great post Fade. I hope you had a very good thanksgiving, in spite of everything on your list.

caveman said...

Thanks be to Caveman that is a real fade

caveman said...

Ohh and I forgot ..Thanks be to the democrates now they can draft all of you crying Libs to fight..haa

Fade said...

Caveman- And now that they CAN Draft YOUR kids to fight - and every other rich assholes' kids, Maybe they will think twice before they start wars for total bullshit!

Personally, If there was a war that was worth fighting for right now, I DOUBT if any Americans- Liberals, Conservatives, whatever would have any problem signing up themselves and their sons and daughters to fight.

caveman said...

hmmm remember no one twisted the arms for the ones fighing the wars on Terror now.... and if my daughter was to be drafeted so be it she is a real American like me and yes I have already talked to her.Hmmm no bullshit war ..where are the terrorist at?..Iraq?..or here?..thats a simple question for ya..and remember again a draft produced by the it