Nov 15, 2006

The Destroyers and the Destroyed

This is how America defends itself?

from World can't wait...

Kim, long distance trucker and mom, writes about Marine returned form Fallujah, working at a Denny’s in Rollo MO:

"In Fallujah, it was like in the Bible,” he began slowly. “When they marked the houses with lamb’s blood, and the Angel of Death flew over and killed the firstborn sons in all the houses that weren’t marked. They marked the houses…and the ones that weren’t marked, they had us go in and open fire and…” He stopped speaking and only made gestures.

“The kids?” asked my co-driver.


The waiter’s words came a little faster now. “If people knew what was really happening over there, they’d rise up and say, ‘bring our kids home NOW!’ If people knew, they wouldn’t stand for it.”

Beit- Hanoun : Murder and Terror, IDF Style

More Murder to come... IDF not done yet...

Arming Terrorists : America supplies the world with weapons

Why Americans are clueless to Israeli Aggression: Media Bias

Israeli Atrocities : Nazi Solutions to Jewish Problems

Israelis killing more and more civilians ... Gaza deaths

And at the United Nations, the U.S. continues to Veto measures that would save lives and promote peace- just so Israel can continue their murderous rampages unchecked...

Fuck em they're just Arabs

The weapons that our Government is selling to anybody and everyone end up, time and time again- in the hands of those who would kill Americans. Clusterbombs are dropped hours before a CEASE FIRE in record numbers. Those clusterbombs are still killing Lebanese children TODAY, months after the battle is over. Israel not only kills Palestinians and Lebanese in their lust to blitzkrieg their enemies, but also kills jews among them who want peace. They run over American women with bulldozers, and apparently can do no wrong as far as the media is concerned.

It is well past time to STOP the arrogant racist attacks of the Israelis. Yes, I know, the Palestinians want to destroy them. And why WOULDN'T They after all of the above? There are peace activists on both sides. A big step in getting Israel to behave is cutting off American support for their immoral and murderous actions. Its time to cut terrorism's heart out and stop cutting off one of its arms only to watch it regrow them. And a large piece of the heart of terror is Israel's terrorist acts.

Protect America- It is time to disarm Israel. Let the Jews and the Palestinians enjoy an equal footing for once. Maybe that will teach them the lessons they DID NOT Learn from the actions of the Germans leading up to the holocaust. As much as Israel warmongers might want a Palestinian Holocaust- We SHOULD stop the IDF like we stopped the Nazis.

We are ALL Human. Let's not forget that.

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