Nov 27, 2006

Israel's hypocrisy knows no bounds

"I hold out my hand in peace to our Palestinian neighbours in the hope that it won't be returned empty." Ehud Olmert, Nov.2006

Olmert calls for peace with Palestine (from the BBC). Do his words mean anything?
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On October 30th, Olmert gave a speech to the Knesset in which he equated that all Palestinian victims over the last few months were terrorists. Over 300 Palestinians have been killed in the past four months by the aggressive actions of the IDF. Most of those were women and children.

If Olmert's appalling reaction to the Hezbollah conflict is any indication, his idea of holding out his hand in peace is simply to allow Palestinian leaders to kiss his ring. This is simply a ploy to mollify world opinion at the prompting of Bush, who is at his lowest point politically. If Israel continues their slash and burn method of the so-called peace process then pretty soon they will lose any credibility they once held. After Olmert's horrendous handling of the Lebanon situation, he doesn't have any political capital to spare either.

Olmert claimed that Lebanon was at fault for not disarming Hezbollah, and he began their pre-planned campaign to punish Hezbollah (and ALL of Lebanon- christians and non-Hezbollah be damned). Lebanon was a tragic mistake. And it gave the world, who had grown tired and forgetful of the atrocities committed against the Palestinians, fresh perspective of just how damned callous and destructive that Israel's policies are: 1,000 Lebanese civilians dead, $500 million dollars worth of damage, millions of dollars worth of missles spent bombing every possible target (including UN peacekeepers) and Israel still lost- having to draw back in defeat as Hezbollah proved a wilier foe than they imagined.

Peacemaking efforts ARE the answer. I just don't know how much of Olmert's "Peace" the middle east can take. He's a liar and like most of the "Kill them before they kill us" crowd, he's a violent, immoral fool who justifies the deaths of hundreds of children as a necessity that will eventually save Israeli lives.

He is wrong. Comparing the actions and words of Israel's ruling neocons with those of America's ruling neocons reveals that under such leadership any peace process has been disastrously hindered. Both governments' are now guilty of tyrannical atrocities that will NEVER promote any serious peace. And as the world recognizes this more and more, the opinion of both the United States and Israel plummet. It then becomes harder and harder to talk of peace believably or even implement diplomacy seriously.

A recent American visitor to Israel speaks of the hypocrisy:
A Vision of Peace, a Reality of Hypocrisy

Will Israel eventually become a victim of its own hate and aggression? Can Israelis who want to live in peace EVER take back their country from the far right wing radicals, who love nothing so much as spilling blood in the name of their country?

And, as an American, just how close to Israel's self-destructive behavior is the United States moving?

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caveman said...

Fade do you belive everything the terrorist say?

Fade said...

No, I hate everything the neocons stand for. Seriously, How in the hell do you separate one of these terrorists from the other? How do you separate a man who sponsors kidnapping and torture on noncombatants, who has ordered clusterbombs dropped in civilian areas, (Rumsfeld,Bush) from a man who sends teens into civilian areas strapped with a suicide bomb (Hamas leaders)?

Both are evil men who use others to sow seeds of destruction. Both acts do not Protect their peoples nor secure thier holdings. The Iraq "War" is NOT a war. The Israel/Palestinian situation is NOT a war. Many on both sides want only peace, but we are infiltrated by terrorists like YOU, Caveman, on every side. Men like you who SPONSOR terror, murder, violence, mayhem and help fan the flames of hate for Americans. Want to know what a terrorist thinks, Caveman? Look in the mirror. Everytime you say that we need to kill them all, everytime you say its okay to kill their children,everytime you turn a blind eye to yet another dead Palestinian family - You are condoning Terrorist activities. I don't cringe in fear of those who want to kill me. I don't want to kill their family members or their kids, or their entire nation in retribution for the hate of a few. I rise above the shit that you are wallowing in. I Hold out my hand in TRUE peace, in True Humanity to those who desire peace- and luckily for us all- there are more of US than there are of you bloodthirsty bastards. I look at my kids, and I do have fears- Fears that my kids will live in a world of hate because people are too damn stubborn to give up their hates and find common ground in their humanity.
Maybe one day, you can put your own humanity before your hate. I hope for ALL of our sakes, that everyone of you out there that believes that terror,murder,and torture is the answer can do so for the worlds sake. It starts with each of us.

caveman said...

Fade tell me if the Jews attacked the US on 9-11 or Islam?..let me know..Ohhh and by the way I a cute terrorist?...and whats the hel is a Neocon?...I am need to try harder?

Fade said...

Hmm.. The jury is still out on those Israeli Mossad agents who were caught in New York on 9-11 dancing around and high fiving as the twin towers came crashing down. They were quickly released by the Bush administration. 9-11 was allowed to happen by the powers that be. Why else would Pat Roberts, a Republican crony, block the 9-11 investigation? And you know why I dislike Rich assholes sooo much? Cause my family is rich too- But unlike my silver spoon fed, spoiled Inheritance rich Repub Dumbass Dad- I don't need the handouts. I work for my living- I could be rich, all it would take is a little ass kissing. But as you can obviously see- I don't kiss ass. I provide a good life for my kids, but I see plenty of people who can't because greedy corporatists fight tooth and nail to prevent Working class Americans from making a living wage. By the way, Corporate Profits at a 22 year high as reported this morning. So why O why can't these same corporations give back to America and Invest in our own country? There's only one reason. Immoral Greed. It WILL come back to bite you guys in the ass.

caveman said...

but you see your dad worked hard..he was no kiss by the way ..I make my money dont want the Demo to tax it away

9-11 mossad...BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA..prove it

Fade said...

Okay, 9-11 mossad might be reaching a bit.. heh

But No, my Dad didn't work HIS ass off, my Granpa did- first as a bootlegger then bought a gas station, then made it into a Pump truck million dollar business eventually. He never missed a day of work in his life. Meanwhile, Dad would miss a month at a time on a bender while my bro and I took up all the slack. Then Grandpa dies, Dad gets it all. I let my Bro deal with Dad's bullshit nowadays. I have worked all my damn life- it doesn't bother me that I am not currently making the big bucks in Grandpas business. I got my own plans. It's all good- but I know EXACTLY what I am talking about when I say I know how the Good ol boy network works in Texas Business. Its dirty and its geared toward making the fatcats fatter and screwing the little guys. Hell, when you try to argue THAT- even The Good ole boys will laugh their asses off at ya. They know how it works. Hell, they're proud of their system. As far as I am concerned they are a bunch of worthless lazy bastards who just got lucky that their Parents worked their asses off so they could inherit it and do nothing. I got more pride than to suck up to that cycle.