Nov 2, 2006

Take back your Country

The right wingers HATED it when Pres. Clinton stood up to the GOP Media.
They hated it when Sen. Kerry made fun of their inept dysfunctional deity, Bush Alrighty.

They hate it when the only liberal in the main stream media, Keith Olbermann, speaks out in eloquent speech after speech about the immoral leadership of our country.

They hate it when Democrats hold the feet of the GOP to the fire.

Don't give in. Keep it up. Support the men who are fighting back, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, against the cretins who are ruining the United States.

Hold these damn Republicans accountable.
Hold The President Accountable.
Hold Rumsfeld Accountable -
and yes- even hold the moron down your street with the W bumper sticker Accountable!

Don't let them shout you down.
Their incompetence, their corruption, and their outright sexual harassment of Lady Liberty is OVER. Take back YOUR country.

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