Nov 21, 2006

Explosives Found Inside Iraq's Green Zone

Is this the beginning of the End?

From Americablog, two U.S. troopers taunt Iraqi children with a bottle of water...

And some comments from Americablog...

That kid will remember Americans for the rest of his life. He'll remember running through dirty streets with sewer puddles, in the heat and the dust, for a plastic bottle of designer water from the laughing Americans. If he survives our destruction of his country, could you blame him if he grew up to be another Bin Laden?What you sow, so shall you reap. Webster

There are 1000 actions like this happening every day in Iraq. Why DOES ANYONE think having our troops in Iraq is HELPING A damn thing? Our troops HATE the Iraqi people more and more day by day and the Iraqi people grow to hate the American presence every day as well. What happens when the Iraqis finally consolidate their power enough to make real strikes against U.S. troops?This is FREEING Iraq? THIS is giving them hope? THIS is helping the Iraqi people?I don't fucking think so.And when it all goes to hell and there's a mad rush back to the green zones and out- Will every damn one of these Pro-War fools say that they couldn't have foreseen it coming? Fade

War is Hell.
MC Haiku

"War is Hell" makes it alright? This isn't a War! This is systematically destroying an entire country so the military industrial complex can't make billions. This is most inept plan to steal Iraq's oil ever dreamed up in the mind of shallow millionaire pundit assholes like Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. In the end, we are getting less oil now that we got from Saddam.No ONE can say Iraq is in better shape now than when Saddam was in charge. Anyone who defends and supports US Presence in Iraq at this point is a complete and utter fool who is SUPPORTING our troops being killed EVERY DAMN DAY.The mission was a farce if the goal was liberating Iraqis, controlling the oil or instituting Democracy. The mission was a complete success if the goal was destabilizing the Middle East, killing a million Iraqis, increasing terrorism and anti-american sentiment among muslims and making RICHER men out of the Cheney's, the Rumsfelds, the CEOs of Bechtel and Halliburton, AND - not to mention, bankrupting the U.S.treasury.How many dead American troops will the Pro-War types balk at? How many more Americans will have to die before you bastards see that you've been had?

Ah the magic of democracy and the beauty of taunting impoverished children for a mere laugh.George W. Bush's America ladies and gentlemen.-

How valuable or scarce is fresh water in Iraq that a kid would run that far just for one bottle? There's a underlying story about living conditions that would lead to the desperation shown by these kids. Once dropped, the kids on the street swarmed the lone bottle. WTF is going on with the reconstruction? Turk, Meister

How many more people, on both sides, will die before the Pro-War crowd PULLS THEIR FUCKING HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES?!?!

Time to end the illegal occupation. This IS NOT A WAR. There is no Winning. It's just a matter of HOW MUCH We WILL Lose in the end.

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